All About the ‘O-SHOT'(ORGASM SHOT)

: 18.12.2018

Released by Géniale Clinic, 137 Victoria Rd., Drummoyne, NSW 2047

All About the ‘O-SHOT'(ORGASM SHOT)

Since its recent introduction, a revolutionary new treatment is transforming the sex lives of Australian women.

A simple procedure called the ‘O-Shot’ which rejuvenates and revitalises clitoral and vaginal function offers three very welcome benefits:

  • · A re-activated or increased sex drive
  • · More intense orgasms
  • · A strengthening of the vaginal muscles to assist declining bladder control and prolapse.

The ‘O-Shot’ is a simple and affordable treatment discovered by Dr Charles Runels, (the same doctor who introduced the ‘Vampire Facial’, made famous by Kim Kadashian). The treatment rejuvenates and revitalises clitoral and vaginal function.

Dr Runels said, he ‘invented’ the procedure on Valentine’s Day in 2011, when his girlfriend – who was a big fan of the facial – asked him to inject her vagina.

Like many new and unusual medical developments, the O-Shot is treated by some with a fair amount of cynicism – for others, it’s celebrated as the best sex therapy ever. Some women say it’s nothing short of life changing.

According to Dr. Mike Shenouda, founder of the O-Shot Sydney Clinic which operates inside the Géniale Laser, Surgical & Medical Aesthetics Clinic near the Sydney CBD, there are just a handful of accredited doctors in Australia who perform the procedure.

To become accredited, a doctor must train directly with Dr. Runels, using his medical resources and study materials. Dr. Shenouda completed his training in March this year.

“After the O-Shot, women experience greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm and an overall increased sexual desire. In addition, the O-Shot increases natural lubrication and decreases urinary incontinence,” said Dr. Shenouda.

“The procedure is simple. It involves the extraction of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is taken from the patient’s own blood. Next the platelets are isolated and growth factors are released and activated by a chemical. Finally, the plasma is re-injected using a tiny needle into the clitoris and upper vaginal area,” said Dr. Shenouda, who performs anywhere from one to five -O-Shots per week.

“Essentially, PRP amplifies and augments the areas that affect intimate sensitivity. The 30 minute process is relatively painless because it involves numbing cream applied to the vagina. The client might feel a brief sting like any injection”.

“It’s a relatively new procedure so we’re still learning about long term results but given my client feedback, I would say that the effect is excellent, and it seems to last well. The research to date says up to three years.”

Géniale exists to heal and enhance and offers a huge range of health, beauty and medical services including specialist clinics like the O-Shot Clinic.

For more on the O-Shot, read Doctor Orgasm Will See You Now in The Independent.

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