BBC’s decision to cast woman as Doctor Who stirs outrage among fans

– The announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor for “Doctor Who” has left some fans outraged. While the gender-flipping of the character has been done before to both Masters and the companions, it marks the first time for the show to have a Time Lady instead of Time Lord since it debuted in 1963, AceShowbiz said.

Some fans seemingly found it difficult to accept the fact that the 13th Doctor would be female and cried foul over the casting decision on Twitter. “Well thats me and Doctor Who finished. Im gutted. Im sorry but Doctor Who is not a lady. Whats next? Jamie Bond? The world has gone pc mad,” @craigiepick tweeted. “there’s really no need. the dr is male. hate how it’s fashionable to make male characters female,” @darrenpop snarked.

However, some were pretty positive about the casting. “congrats to jodie whittaker for making a whole lot of misogynistic dudebros stop watching the show, ur doing us all a big favour,” wrote @jobeeart. Similarly, @richard_littler also blasted those who slammed Jodie as the new Doctor. “To misogynists moaning about #Doctor13: You’re not the target audience. It’s aimed at children w/ grown-up minds, not the other way around,” s/he wrote.

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Support also came from several former Doctor depicters. The 5th Doctor Peter Davison took to his Twitter account to share some advice for fans, saying that “it might be more helpful to be encouraging, and not simply scornful, of fans who are uncertain about change.”

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker added, “Well I never the BBC really did do the right thing and let the Doctor be in touch with her feminine side. As a father of daughters – result!” while seventh Doctor Sylverster McCoy wrote, “a message from Sylvester! ‘Congratulations Jodie Whittaker!!!!! One small step for Women, one Giant leap for Womenkind!!’ “

Following the outcry over her casting, Jodie assured fans “not to be scared by my gender.” In an interview with BBC, “The Assets” actress continued, “Because this is a really exciting time, and ‘Doctor Who’ represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.”