EML Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Smartgroup

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EML Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Smartgroup

EML PAYMENTS LIMITED (ASX: EML) (“EML”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an eight year agreement with Smartgroup Corporation Limited (ASX: SIQ)(‘Smartgroup’) to be their provider of branded General Purpose Reloadable card programs for payout of Salary Packaging benefits.

EML has worked with Smartgroup since 2017 and currently manages approximately 50,000 benefit accounts.

The revolutionary EML Salary Packaging technology solution allows customers to have multiple benefit accounts funding a single card managed by a virtual wallet. Salary sacrifice participants no longer need to carry a number of cards, one for every benefit account. EML also provides Salary Packaging cardholders access to:

  • A Merchant Coalition program that delivers savings at more than 5,000 merchants which generate savings of approx. $5 per month on average to participants;

  • An innovative End of FBT Year Non Reloadable program allowing participants to efficiently expend unused funds prior to 31 March annually;

  • An innovative end of employment Non Reloadable program allowing participants to efficiently expend unused funds prior to ending their employment; and

  • Access to both physical cards and EMLs mobile payments capability to access their funds.

EML’s primary revenue derives from a monthly transaction fee per benefit account alongside other revenue streams of interchange, interest, FX fees, transaction fees on Non Reloadable cards sold and breakage. Once at full potential, EML expects to earn between $4 – $8 million revenue per annum from the incremental volumes in this contract, provided there are no adverse changes in market conditions.

EML is the largest provider of payment solutions to the Salary Packaging industry with more than 160,000 benefit accounts already in market.

Including this contract, EML expects to provide services to more than 260,000 benefit accounts by April 2022.Total annual Gross Debit Volume for this vertical is expected to be approximately $2 billion once the transition is complete.

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