Kiwi women are working for free

From Monday 18 November New Zealand women areworking for free until the end of the year because of the gender pay imbalancebetween men and women.

“The gender pay imbalance in the averagewage is 11.9%. From 18 November there is 11.9% of the year left, so becausewomen aren’t paid equally to men, they are now working for free until the endof the year,” said CTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh.

“Ensuring everyone is paid fairlyregardless of gender is not only possible, it is essential. Creating a moreequal society requires a shift in values, it requires our society to value thecontribution of everyone. Creating a values shift in our society requiresleadership which is where our politicians come in. Our elected representativescan show they truly care about creating a more equal society with the passingof good law which breaks down the barriers to equal pay. We need the Governmentto pass the Equal Pay Amendment Bill and help make the gender pay imbalance inNew Zealand a thing for the history books.”

“Pay inequality is even worse for Māoriand Pasefika women – they started working for free on 12 October for Māoriwomen (22.1% pay gap) and 29 September for Pacefika women (25.5%).”

“If the gender pay gap continues to closeat the same rate it has since 1998, it will be 100 years – 2119 – until womenare on average paid the same as men. It will take 36 years (to 2055) on themedian wage trend,” Mackintosh said.

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