Sales boom for Aussie sex toy retail businesses during self-isolation crisis

The Hot Spot

A positive story coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in sales for some businesses, particularly adult toy retailers in Australia.

People are re-connecting with their partners, and with themselves it seems. The Hot Spot, one of Australia’s largest online adult toy stores, has reported a whopping 42% increase in sales for the month of March, when compared to March 2019.

With dating out of the question and singles not being able to meet new partners, solo adult toys for both men and women have spiked considerably.

The panic buying behavior seen in supermarkets is also being experienced in the adult toy world with spikes of up to 80% increase in toy cleaner sales.

The owner of The Hot Spot, Justin Easterbrook says “toy cleaner stocks will only be able to hold up for another couple of weeks before being completely depleted.”

The most popular products being purchased are:

1. 1. Satisfier Pro, an air pulse vibrator for the ladies.

2. 2. Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner.

3. 3. Jack Rabbit Automatic Thrusting Vibrator.

4. 4. We-Vibe Sync couples vibrator with Smart Phone app.

Statistics show that the 25-34 year-old age group are well above the average with a 50% increase in purchases. Women are purchasing more often than men, accounting for 7 out of 10 sales.

Top 10 Hottest Spots:

The Gold Coast has spiked well above the national average, with residents purchasing 78% more products than they did in March 2019.

The Central Western Queensland area had an increase of 72% compared to March last year, with Birdsville being the main Hot Spot of activity.

Glebe in Sydney takes the prize for the largest increase in sales in a Capital City. Residents have increased the adult toy purchases by 69%. Footscray in Melbourne came in a close second with a 67% increase.

Geelong residents have cured their self-isolation boredom with an increase of 61% in adult toy sales.

Newcastle takes 6th spot with a 59% increase in sales.

Canberra, Huntingdale in Perth, Redland Bay in Brisbane, and Hobart round out the top 10.

Sales % increase March 2019 v’s March 2020

Australia 42%

Gold Coast 78%

Birdsville 72%

Glebe, Sydney 69%

Footscray, Melbourne 67%

Geelong 61%

Newcastle 59%

Canberra 54%

Huntingdale, Perth 54%

Redland Bay, Brisbane 49%

Hobart 48%

Information provided by The Hot Spot,

/Public Release.