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Radical increase in effectiveness of breast cancer immunotherapy
AI Biotech Lands In Victoria To Advance Early Cancer Detection
Cerebrospinal fluid may be able to indentify aggressive brain tumors in kids
Cerebrospinal Fluid May Be Able to Identify Aggressive Brain Tumors in Children
Blood-based tests to detect and monitor lung cancer
HPV-associated head and neck cancer blood test reveals promise as test to replace tissue biopsy
New BARD1 exosome liquid biopsy agreement with Griffith University
Noninvasive brain biopsy shows improved sensitivity in tumor detection
Noninvasive brain biopsy reveals improved sensitivity in tumor detection
Blood test predicts which prostate cancer patients are resistant to chemotherapy drug
Ideas grants contribute to long-term health and wellbeing
Researchers develop new way to find cancer at nanometre scale
How skin-derived T cells can damage other organs
Princess Margaret Cancer Center researchers refine test to achieve ‘ultrasensitive’ detection of HPV in bloodstream
Liquid biopsies may aid diagnosis, treatment of bladder, nerve tumors
New Strategy for Precise Isolation and Molecular Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells and Fusion Cells
Following Cancer Progress in Real Time
Blood test promising for predicting response in metastatic HPV-positive throat cancer
University of Toronto precision medicine program offers training in cross-disciplinary science
New biosensor developed to aid early diagnosis of breast cancer
New saliva oral and throat cancer diagnosis test receives FDA approval
Ludwig Johns Hopkins researchers develop new DNA detection method to improve liquid biopsies
Hopkins-led research team takes gene mutation detection in blood to next level
New test detects residual cancer DNA in blood without relying on tumor data
Research into new sensors to monitor drugs, speed up cancer detection and measure climate change impact
Simple blood test could replace surgery for some brain tumour patients
Researchers harness AI to identify cancer cells by their acidity
Noninvasive blood test tracks organ injury from COVID-19
Scientists discover new transmission mechanism of exosome-mediated sorafenib-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Trial targets metastatic prostate cancer by switching order of treatments
WVXU: Does your spinal fluid show if you have a tumor?