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K-pop, fandom and BTS boys: University researcher brings ‘Korean Wave’ into classroom
Humans were changing planet earlier than we knew
Douglas W. Pollock Center for Addiction Outreach and Research dedicated
Grant to fund research on future of human genome editing
Time to retire ‘pristine myth’ of climate change
New study pinpoints when humans began to dominate Earth
Tiny thermometer measures how mitochondria heat up cell by unleashing proton energy
Maturity becomes a concern as harvest approaches
‘Mental rigidity’ at root of intense political partisanship on both left and right – study
This protein is how creatures sense cold, researchers discover-and it’s found in organisms ranging from tiny worms to humans
Benin officially launches Internet Universality Indicators Assessment
A biosensor to help rheumatoid arthritis patients
Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity
Expanding prototyping camp creates ‘safe environment for failure’
New method could help assess a worker’s situational awareness while multitasking
Researcher receives $2.9M from NIH to examine peripheral artery disease
Cell-free DNA detects pathogens and quantifies damage
Blocking Specific Protein Could Provide a New Treatment for Deadly Form of Prostate Cancer
New $27 Million Grant to Focus on Future of Biomanufacturing
Researchers discover a 3.8-million-year-old almost complete hominid cranium, from a Lucy ancestor
Art of worming through tight spaces
Defra chief scientist departs after seven years in post
Much fridge food ‘goes there to die’
Protective immune response in brain?
Parenting stress may affect mother’s and child’s ability to tune in to each other
HKUST-led Research Successfully Develops Rechargeable Liquid Fuels to Power Electric Vehicles
Pediatric hematologists introduce ‘The Atlanta Protocol’ a novel way to treat pediatric hemophilia A patients
Magic Spells and Desert Sharks
Researchers secure $38 million in NHMRC funding
Funding boost for mental health support in schools
Leading eye research team wins Eureka Prize
QIMR Berghofer’s world leading research recognised with record federal funding
One in nine Australian women lives with endometriosis
Blue Carbon Horizons wins 2019 Eureka Prize for Environmental Science
Australian doctors tackle brain aneurysms with artificial intelligence
New science blooms after star researchers die, study finds
LEI researchers win major science prize
Curtin health research boosted with $6m NHMRC funding
Renewed cultural leadership for University of Melbourne
$31m to strengthen UQ health research
ANU researchers set solar record with next-gen cells
USC to save $100 million by powering up renewable project
NHMRC Investigator Grants
Indigenous mothers and children often have no choice but to return to an unsafe home
Government funding to support research on children and permanency
$11 million to improve health of all Australians
KAIST Team Develops Vaccine Against Tick-Borne Infectious Viral Disease ‘SFTS’
Research grants for heart health, dysphagia and AIDS in Africa