World’s First LUPIN SNACKS

The new joint THAI-WA (Western Australia) LUPIN PODUCTS Company successfully launched a new generation of healthy snack products, ‘PINARIE’ and ‘SUPERMOOD’ based on Australian Sweet Lupins, at the THAIFEX – World Food of Asia exhibition held in Bangkok from 28 May. The THAIFEX exhibition attracted thousands of trade visitors from all across Asia and the globe.

Why Snacks?

Snacking is a Global Phenomenon – The retail market size of the global snacking market is estimated to be USD$400Billion. The global healthy snacks market size is expected to reach USD$32 billion by 2025 (Nielsen). In Australia, the snack market is valued at over AUD$2billion and growing at over 5% p.a. with an increasing trend for healthy and convenient snacks being demanded by increasingly health & wellness, obesity conscious, time-poor and busy consumers (IBIS World).

A new generation of snacks are emerging that offer serious nutritional and functional benefits. Increasingly super foods that contain a number of nutritional benefits like the AUSTRALIAN SWEET LUPIN can become the most desirable base ingredient for snacking options, delivering both health & indulgent taste solutions.

Rising health consciousness, and concerns regarding the sodium and fat content of food will continue to drive changes in consumer demand in the future.

The promotional launch of the lupin based snack and lupin food ingredient products at THAIFEX was the culmination of 12 months of market development activities including, the exclusive lupins for human food promotion, research and development project, approved and supported by the Innovation and Technology Assistance Program (ITAP) under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) of Thailand, kindly assisted by the research team of Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology at Silpakorn University. In addition, support from the AUSTRADE – EMDG program is acknowledged by the WA partners.

Company Background

The joint THAI-WA LUPIN PODUCTS Company was created in 2019 and is firmly built on the foundations of friendship, business relationships and cooperation between Thailand and Western Australia business partners, including their supply chain and logistics partners in WA and Thailand.

They collectively share the common goal of providing a complete range of unique Australian Sweet Lupin food products, to health conscious and premium consumers across all of Asia, Australia and global markets.

Next Steps

Following the successful product launch at THAIFEX, the THAI-WA Lupin Products Company is in discussions with a number of Asian and global distribution channels and is set to embark on a global distribution and promotion strategy including Australia, for their lupin snacks, food ingredients and future ready to eat lupin product range.

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