Code of Ethics

Mirage News is not a member of the Australian Press Council (APC – the voluntary self-regulatory body) or the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), but we adhere to the fundamental tenets of ethical journalism promoted by both bodies (the APC’s General Statement of Principles and its specific standards and advisory guidelines and MEAA’s Journalists’ Code of Ethics), including but not limited to honesty, fairness, independence, diversity, accountability and transparency.

If you feel any of those guidelines are violated by Mirage News in any form, please feel free to report the issue to us.

Any advertising material or any material with commercial benefits are accordingly labeled or presented clearly distinguishable. We currently do not restrict access to any content and our goal is to promote and provide better public access to impartial original information.

We attempt to publish original information, and if or when the story is broken by another publication first, link or reference directly to the original publisher or source of information.

You can also review the Australian Press Council’s Statement of Principles, our privacy policy and our goals.

For any problems using the website, or mobile site and their links, or general questions and feedback about Mirage News, please feel free to contact us and we will seek to respond as soon as possible.