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Biosensors embedded in bandages could monitor diabetic foot wounds to prevent amputations
Urban planning: Precious resources far below surface
Simulated microgravity system created to experiment with materials
New Zealand is best placed to survive collapse
£1.3 million boost for malaria research
2021 Tokyo Tech Challenging Research Award Winners Announced
WASO and UWA develop world premiere in side-by-side collaboration
Rodent rapport: new study shows rats can make friends
Cricket Victoria confirms executive appointments in Community and Premier Cricket
Oregon State University part of $20M effort to develop AI to help elderly live at home
Researchers offer lifelines to Black women with HIV
Twist brings new possibilities for ultra-thin 2D materials
Warning over start of commercial-scale deep-sea mining
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
Research internships help Brisbane nurses improve patient care
Exhibition for men’s mental health
TSU has patented device for rehabilitating Covid patients
Western Diet Linked to Increased Depression in Over 45s
Wine is safer than beer at minimising risk of heart condition
Rainfall Becomes Increasingly Variable as Climate Warms
Paving way for UV-enabled flexible wearable tech
United by anger: Why Japanese people are against Tokyo Olympics
Golden age of genre films leads Australian industry revival
Support for adults with autism
Senior Barrister appointed to Supreme Court
Common sense finally prevails in Australian bushfire research – Drought not forestry reason why Black Summer was so severe
New Imaging Measure to Track Brain Ageing
COVID aside, how we manage our health needs to change
New method to detect impact of sea level rise
Funding supports Australians living with rare disease
Degree instrumental in medical lab career success
Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival to return in 2022 with new name
Serious complications from youth-onset type 2 diabetes arise by young adulthood
Does testosterone influence success? Not much, research suggests
U part of world’s ultimate IT team
New way to detect SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant in wastewater
New Study Reveals Serious Long-Term Complications in Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes
This Behavioral Scientist Wants to Help People Overcome Covid Vaccine Hesitancy
Black and Latinx conservatives ‘upshift’ competence to white audiences
Studies uncover details of “exhausted” immune cells in patients with chronic infections
Over 18 and considering AstraZeneca vaccine?
Which voices led medical misinformation in early stages of COVID?
Common floral bacteria can induce pollen germination
Simone Biles’ withdrawal at Olympics shines light on need to recognize mental health
Spectrum TV: Camp for women of color inspires future engineers
New modeling solution sets bar for quantifying carbon budget and credit
Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets electrons spinning
NIH funds Rudra, Jackrel to improve vaccines for elderly