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WHO calls for moratorium on Covid booster jabs
Research suggests giant blobs of subducted sediment float up through deep Earth
Statements on Swearing in of Margaret Vo Schaus as NASA CFO
New tool assesses real-world relevance of academic marketing articles
Beyond Covid: How mRNA technology could transform how we treat disease
Americas Masterclass guides Government officials on Britain’s Latin American challenge
Research finds DNA signatures linked to heart disease
ACS urges surgeons to “Talk It Up” with patients about COVID-19 vaccination
Research links economic mobility to racial mortality gaps
Eating more plant foods may lower heart disease risk in young adults, older women
Top 3 Covid vaccine questions – Children and delta variant, Covid risk after vaccine, and opening borders
Measuring nitrogen in green manures
Waste product which could help mitigate climate change
No community cases; 2 new cases and 2 historical cases of Covid in managed isolation
How landscapes of fear affect songbirds in our backyards
World-first study identifies centipedes as seabird predators
Top 10 Programs in Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act That You May Not Have Heard About
FACT SHEET: Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Creates Good-Paying Jobs and Supports Workers
CDC Issues Eviction Order in Areas of Substantial and High Transmission
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Meeting with Latino Community Leaders to Discuss His Economic Agenda, Immigration Reform
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, August 3, 2021
An overactive sweet tooth may spell trouble for our cellular powerplants
Readout of President and Vice President’s Meeting with Latino Leaders
COVID vaccines offer pharma industry a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset its reputation
Research yields insights into chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Two New Reference Materials Assist Supplement Makers with Measurements of Isoflavones in Kudzu
Chemistry Olympians bring home gold and silver medals
Scientists envision better health interventions for men who have sex with men
Digital marketing improves product recall compliance, providing new tool to enhance consumer safety
Airline Industry Statistics Confirm 2020 Was Worst Year on Record
Two new genera and species of conifers discovered from upper Cretaceous in Hokkaido, Japan
NIH-funded study identifies benefits, risks of treatments for pregnancy of unknown location
Caltech Announces Breakthrough $100 Million Gift to Fund Space-based Solar Power Project
Mayo Clinic in Florida recognized as Center of Excellence for Antimicrobial Stewardship
World Bank Group Mobilizes Over $29 billion to Support Latin America and Caribbean Region Respond to Pandemic
Operation NANOOK 2021 activities begin in Canada’s Arctic region
What’s killing coral reefs in Florida is also killing them in Belize
Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Advancing Economic and Public Health Opportunities for Communities of Color
AACP Recognizes Work of Experiential Education Team During Pandemic
Dental mitigation strategies to reduce aerosolization of Covid
Assessing UK – EU trade deal
Paving way to low carbon industry future with Industry Transition Platform
Shared Problems Need Shared Solutions – Starting Now, Say Asia-Pacific Business Leaders
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Virtual Fundraising Reception for Democratic National Committee
UPDATED FACT SHEET: Bipartisan Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act
Press Briefing by White House COVID- 19 Response Team and Public Health Officials
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and White House American Rescue Plan Coordinator and Senior Advisor to President Gene
Nominations Sent to Senate 3 August