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Tweezers of sound can pick objects up without physical contact
Harnessing oceans for energy
Scientists discover role of lncRNA in regulating Hippo signaling via phase separation
Maths-based marine management project wins £1.5m funding
New tracking system monitors danger to rainforests
Researchers find new insight into how brain decides to act
Cascaded metasurfaces for dynamic control of THz wavefronts
Scientists can detect brain tumours using simple urine or blood plasma test
Scientists uncover fatal flaw in green pigmented concrete
Bacteria navigate on surfaces using ‘sense of touch’
Research finds potential role of ‘junk DNA’ sequence in aging, cancer
Device cracks milk protein
Topology in biology
Brain-repair discovery could lead to new epilepsy treatments
Heat is on Australia to act on climate following World Heritage Reef decision
UK Health Security Agency to take on modelling of R value and growth rate
World Heritage Committee rejects proposed UNESCO In Danger listing for Great Barrier Reef
World Heritage Committee rejects proposed UNESCO In Danger listing for Great Barier Reef
Scientists unravel mechanism of genome instability by DNA Pol μ misincorporatio
Scientists identify five new plant species in Bolivia
Pathogen trapping proteins can differentiate between types of bacteria
Finalists announced for 20th Premier’s Science Awards
Restoring dryland areas vital for 2bn people
Meta-analysis shows that future food demand will increase between 35-56% over period 2010-2050
Research project explores new way to boost canola production
Southeastern US herbaria digitize three million specimens, now freely available online
Evidence highlights risk of missing COVID-19 cases with rapid antigen tests
Study to investigate how air pollution in indoor spaces affects health
Making Your Catch Count Sea angling in UK – be part of it
Advanced bladder cancers respond to immunotherapy regardless of gene mutation status
Perfecting collagen production in osteogenesis imperfecta
Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins – and it has global significance
Discovery of Unknown Brain-Repair Process Could Lead to New Epilepsy Treatments
Clever cockatoos learn through social interaction
InSight mission unveils interior of Mars
Doctoral student is awarded prominent HHMI fellowship
Research provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement
California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself
Wild hair: Using hair to gauge stress response in pigs
Research finds previously unseen star formation in Milky Way
Researchers use AI to predict risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Pathogens get comfy in designer goo
Hunting for TB’s most vulnerable genes
Silicon with two-dimensional structure
Interaction identified between Covid and unusual RNA structures in human cells
Scientists discover gene therapy provides neuroprotection to prevent glaucoma vision loss
Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis
Research reports strong indications of freshened groundwater offshore Maltese Islands