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Tag team: tale of two Antarctic blue whales 9 February 2023
Next-generation storm forecasting project aims to save lives
UVA Identifies Trigger for World’s Most Common Liver Disease
Can AI Replace Human Work? – ChatGPT Examined
WHO Scientist Urges Swift Action Against ‘Big Formula Milk Companies’
Space dust as Earth’s sun shield
U-M Discovery Reduces Time to Build Molecules by 70%
Could Space Dust Help Protect Earth from Climate Change?
Space Dust May Aid Climate Change Solutions
Earth Shielded by Space Dust from Sun’s Rays
Brain Scans Put to Use in Trademark Disputes
U-M Discovery Slashes Time to Build Molecules
Research at Sanghani Center Aims to Reduce Suicide Rate Through Improved Mental Health Care
Neuroscientists Find Key to PTSD Fear Memories in Sleep
Aston U Uncovers More Accurate Diabetes Blood Flow Tests
New ring system discovered in our Solar System
Toddlers’ Attention to ‘Motherese’ May Aid Autism Diagnosis
Protein droplets may cause many types of genetic disease
Whiskers help nectar-eating acro bats hover like hummingbirds
St. Jude Investigates Causes of Accelerated Aging in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Caribou Using Arctic Grounds for 3000 Years
St. Jude Examines Blood Cells to Uncover Clones, Search for Early Aging Causes
Spanish lagoon proposed as Mars ‘astrobiological time-analog’
Why Stem Cell Therapy Might Not Work for Older Patients
USF Program Seeks to Increase Addiction Researchers from Diverse Groups
Scientists discover toughest known material at ultra-cold temperatures
Art & Science Collab to Bring Space Events to Lewisham
CERN-Physicists Join Forces with Sci-Fi Titans
Rachel Grange awarded SNFS Consolidator Grant
Early Adversity Tied to Mental Health, Cognitive Struggles in Teens
New evolutionary insights from stepping outside lab
Ultimate Fishing Expo and Conference fast approaching
Scientists Unveil Index to Study Ancient Bird Wing Use
Penguins’ Underwater Turning Maneuvers Explored in Physics Study
Academy to advise on future of Great Barrier Reef
Tool combats mosquito-borne diseases: U of T research
Princess Beatrice Visits UK Skin Cancer Experts as BSF Patron
Six projects selected for Diversity Innovation Grants
Scientists Find Dopamine Difference in Alcohol Use Disorder Patients
Organoboron & Silicone Chemistry Advances With Triple Elementalization
Understanding Penguin Turning Maneuvers: New Physics Insight
Antarctica’s ocean brightens clouds
$3 million national grant to fund pancreatic cancer study
Going small and thin for better hydrogen storage
Pay for Carbon Footprint: Basic Emissions Shouldn’t be Free
Glaciers: Flooding Risk to Millions Worldwide
Machine-Learning to Enhance Subsurface Imaging Through Physics
Urban lizards share genomic markers not found in forest-dwellers