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Sea-level rise challenges can be met by atoll communities
No Matter Who Wins, Election 2020 Is Turning Point for Environmental Health
New drone technology advances volcanic monitoring
Coronavirus Mutation May Have Made It More Contagious
Specially-adapted drones gather new data from unexplored volcanoes
Water on ancient Mars
New drone technology improves ability to forecast volcanic eruptions
Technique reveals deeper insights into makeup of nacre, a natural material
Fear of predators shapes entire ecosystems
Digitized files give rare glimpse of anti-union advocacy
Vreeswijk appointed Professor of Experimental Physics
In a hurry to develop drugs? Here’s your cHAT
Oregon State University, University of Oregon team up to bring TRACE sampling to Lane County
Carbon-releasing ‘zombie fires’ in peatlands could be dampened by new findings
Changing seas focus of station alliance
Prehistory of modern dogs
Scientists Engineer New Cancer Immunotherapy to Train Immune System in Cancer Fight
Underlying design mechanism and morphology of humanized bone probed
Researchers create millions of diverse T cells from a single blood stem cell
Supporting girls to see a future in STEM
Expect more mega-droughts
Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste
Emory begins advanced stage clinical trial for another COVID-19 vaccine
Big Impact: Sandra Davern
Building a star in a smaller jar
SLIM Reaches New Levels
Iowa awards $2 million CARES Act grant to universities to study COVID-19 nanovaccine
How Grant Jensen’s Microscopy Lectures Became World’s Textbook
Researchers look to control organ function through new computational model
Scientists find a way to quickly test rust on graphene-protected cars, planes, ships
Rice finds path to nanodiamond from graphene
Southampton Professor shares in Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize
Election Day math: New study probes how people make decisions
UW awarded $23.5M to build floating robots as part of NSF project to monitor world’s oceans
Buzz kill: Spiders ‘hear’ airborne prey via their legs
Scientists detect 39 new gravitational wave events
Microbes, Magnetic Fields, and Conspiracy Theories
Augmented reality to provide new skills for manufacturing workforce education
All systems go for UK’s £55M fusion energy experiment
Princeton project expands to create a worldwide fleet of robotic floats to monitor ocean health
Testing drugs within a tumor may combat pancreatic cancer drug resistance, ‘time machine’ suggests
Wiley Accelerates Innovation in Research Publishing
Higher stillbirth risk for mothers experiencing deprivation, unemployment, stress and domestic abuse
Healthcare workers and their households at increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation
First-ever insect vaccine helps bees stay healthy
ATLAS sets new limits on exotic types of long-lived particles
Specialised omnivores – individual red foxes prefer different foods in city and countryside
Latest interim findings from COVID-19 study published