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Coronavirus fight: possible COVID-19 drug identified by scientists
Hopkins Gets FDA OK to Test Blood Therapies for COVID-19 Patients
Nation’s disease response bolstered
Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Gives $1 Million to Penn Medicine Research to Fight COVID-19
What removing legal threat to research that exposes online discrimination means
PARP Inhibitor Drugs Can be “Tuned” for Better Killing of Tumor Cells
Possible coronavirus drug identified by Monash University scientists
COVID-19 Related Research at Berkeley Lab
Disease outbreak centre where scientists tackle deadly coronavirus
AI as mediator: ‘Smart’ replies help humans communicate during pandemic
Deep-Sea Worms and Bacteria Team Up to Harvest Methane
University and health trusts collaborating to accelerate genomic testing
Study reveals patterns behind big ideas
“We don’t want just sit on couch”
Pioneering project to unlock decision making process behind larval settlement on coral receives
Scientists switch from cancer research to help develop coronavirus vaccine
Data sharing during this public health emergency
ERC grants for astrophysics and physical biology researchers
Researchers to remain on North Pole due to corona
Limited supply may scupper proposals to use antimalarials to ward off Covid-19
A friendlier way to deal with nitrate pollution
Academies join forces to launch COVID-19 expert database
Building a roadmap to real world outcomes
How important is speech in transmitting coronavirus?
Artificial intelligence to predict corona-patients’ risk of needing ventilators
ERC Advanced Grants for six Max Planck researchers
Glaciologists’ experiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise
Scientists develop “backpack” computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats
Facial expressions of mice
Coronavirus simulations completed on supercomputer
OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab produces critical COVID-19 test component for Oregon hospitals
UW-Madison, FluGen, Bharat Biotech to develop CoroFlu, a coronavirus vaccine
New research exposes highly variable microplastic concentrations in UK rivers
Materials – Molding molecular matter
Dstl Scientists are helping to conquer spread of COVID-19
Light Scattering Enables New Insights into Brain
ERC Advanced Grants for six Max Planck researchers
Next stage ready to enhance Covid-19 diagnoses
Self-Monitoring Sense of Smell May Help Detect Coronavirus
Engineering PhD Summit is postponed in 2021
Study shows six decades of change in UK’s plankton communities
Soil Science Society publishes blogs about Deepwater Horizon’s Anniversary
BCG vaccine trial to protect Australian healthcare workers starts, enabled by major philanthropic backing
Fossil skull casts doubt over modern human ancestry
New website explains how hospitals can decontaminate and reuse scarce N95 masks to fight COVID-19
NERSC, ESnet Continue to Deliver Supercomputing, Networking Support for Nation’s Scientists during Pandemic
Researchers find apelike brain in human ancestor
New Superconducting Film Resists a Magnet’s Power to Thwart It