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Geoff Wehmeyer wins CAREER Award
Secretary’s Honor Awards recognize dozens of ORNL employees
VENUS neutron imaging beamline is taking shape
Researchers find tradeoff between water quality and emissions on farm
Secretary’s Honors Awards recognize dozens of ORNL employees
Decreasing development on forest and agricultural land partly driven by gas prices, study finds
Researchers identify proteins that could predict liver transplant rejection
Living near or downwind of unconventional oil and gas development linked with increased risk of early death
Tumors dramatically shrink with new method to cell therapy
Microbes help hibernating animals recycle nutrients, maintain muscle through winter
Cosmic physics mimicked on table-top as graphene enables Schwinger effect
Scientists identify proteins that could predict liver transplant rejection
“cell atlas” of brain vasculature connects stroke with novel immune cells
Strong bonding – long-term commitment or many brief relationships?
What wintering squirrels can teach astronauts
University of Toronto’s massive geoexchange project built on pioneering work of late prof
Child masking associated with reduced Covid-related child care closures
How carbon labels can aid in fight against climate change
LLNL’s McCormick chosen to co-lead Innovation Tri-Valley DEI Council
Capturing microbes in soil and plants
Another Pandemic Challenge for Nurses: Sleep Problems
Look who’s talking now: fishes
Another pandemic challenge for nurses
In search of desired side effects
Europe’s most valuable marine species “reduced to a fraction” of their current population size by 2100
New drug screening method answers why Alzheimer’s drugs fail, suggests new targets
Caribou and Muskoxen Buffer Climate Impacts for Rare Plants
Sarah Gilbert elected as RA Honorary Fellow
Covid exposure possible outside of home isolation rooms
Stackable artificial leaf uses less power than lightbulb to capture 100 times more carbon than other systems
Plant pathologists collaborate to share knowledge on growing threat to corn production
Researcher shortlisted for FT Academic research award
Eco-friendly micro-supercapacitors using fallen leaves?
Cause, develop pharmacological treatment for reducing retinitis pigmentosa vision loss
New, highly efficient catalyst for propylene production
Scientists Explain Mysterious Finger-like Features in Solar Flares
Tiny materials lead to big advance in quantum computing
Where did that sound come from?
Climate change in Early Holocene
Association of child masking with Covid-related childcare program closures
Alzheimer support leads to $1.3B in health-care savings: survey
Study links Child masking to reduced Covid related child care closures
Mathematical secret of lizard camouflage
Poor housing conditions linked to respiratory health issues in young First Nations children 28 January
Is Covid on airplane air filters?
Precision Rehabilitation May Prevent Osteoarthritis
FAMU-FSU researcher combines climate change and land use data to predict watershed impact
Engineers propose greener recycling for medical PPE waste