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Combating long-term effects of COVID
Intensive course in robotics at Tomsk State University
Cooperation, grassroots action and First Peoples’ knowledge will unlock Australia’s blue economy
Artificial intelligence speeds land-use classification
Can encroachment benefit hotel franchisees?
Combining classical and quantum computing opens door to new discoveries
UK faces post-pandemic bereavement crisis and lasting legacy of grief
Don’t cross line: taking action against elder abuse
Researchers Design Sensors to Detect Amorphous Protein Aggregation
Why South East Asia’s film industry succeeds against all odds
COVID-19 impact on Australians
Miniature robots controlled by magnetic fields
Family and Domestic Violence Prevention Month
$6.7m funding boost to reduce medication harm
Major reforms needed to fix Australia’s ailing housing system
Pepper humanoid robot inspires smiles at vaccination hubs
HIV therapy has detrimental effect on children’s growth and bone strength, landmark study finds
More awareness of elder abuse needed as risk to people living with dementia of increasing concern
Ethnic diversity in research identifies more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits
Computer method to help predict outcomes for heart patients
A world first in imaging technology
Report highlights economic impact of research at Penn State
URI researchers: New survey method proves Rhode Island’s rarest frog may not be so rare
UQ community recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours list
University of Toronto precision medicine program offers training in cross-disciplinary science
Targeted drug found effective in thwarting pancreatic tumors
Purdue plant biologists solve major cell puzzle on path to leaf engineering
UTA expert: Ban of menthol, tobacco flavoring ‘urgently needed’
Climate change leads to unprecedented Rocky Mountain wildfires
As climates change, prepare for more mosquitoes in winter, new study shows
Human microbiome could shed light on higher morbidity rate in minoritized populations
Osteoporosis: New Approach to Understanding Bone Strength Pays Dividends
‘grand tour’ Atlantic Ocean water takes around world
Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed
New health benefits of red seaweeds unveiled
Study reveals COVID-19 risk factors for those with IDD
Growth of Powder Metal Industry focus of LaunchBox Speaker Series program
Delta variant could cause significant third wave – latest Imperial modelling
Toxin-adapted fish pass down epigenetic mutations to freshwater offspring
Communication Technology and Study of Collective Behavior Must Become a “Crisis Discipline,” Researchers Argue
U contributes to first-ever nationwide mammal survey
Study finds survival is more important than a chronic medical condition in prioritizing medical care
Study reveals factors that shape Haitian Creole-speaking women’s birth plans after C-sections
Climate conditions during migration of Homo sapiens out of Africa reconstructed
Increased Organizational Support for Employees’ Adoption Efforts Yields Positive Benefits
Researcher brings new artificial intelligence applications to medicine
Newly revealed potential treatment target for Alzheimer’s could help with late-stage disease
Clinical trial shows cell therapy improves clinical outcomes in heart failure