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Drone AI counts waterbirds in Murray-Darling
Dog Kills ‘Bruiser’ Bushbaby in South Africa, Others Threatened
On-demand bus services shaking up public transport
Proposed State Budget: Impact on UConn & UConn Health
Tag team: tale of two Antarctic blue whales 9 February 2023
Universal Early Education System to be Examined by PC
Monitoring devices and apps help cardiac rehabilitation
Wiring organization for exceptional performance
Griffith unlocking secrets to Strep virulence
Next-generation storm forecasting project aims to save lives
Underperforming Org Procurement Causes Nat’l Organ Shortage: Study
Bacteria Could Fight Human Diseases: Similar Weapons Used
Affordable, Inclusive & Green Housing Needed for Ukraine’s Recovery: Report
NASA Awards Environmental Compliance, Operations Contract
UVA Identifies Trigger for World’s Most Common Liver Disease
Scientists Develop Program to Tackle Substance Use Disorder
Prosocial CEOs increase company value, stakeholder satisfaction
Can AI Replace Human Work? – ChatGPT Examined
Heart disease patient appreciates female-focused care
Space dust as Earth’s sun shield
Research: Preschool gives big boost to college attendance
Dangerous Eating Habits Common Among Young Canadians
Research finds support for second look sentencing
U-M Discovery Reduces Time to Build Molecules by 70%
Lithium-Ion Batteries Get Performance Boost From ‘Defects’
U of I Offers Social Work Degrees to Meet Diversity Needs
Weight Affects Muscular Changes in Aging Mice
Monitoring Iron-Sulfur Cluster Occupancy in E. coli Proteome
New brain cancer treatment is ‘marriage of two technologies’
U of T to Ramp Up Sustainability in ’23: Make Impact
Indigenous Women Scientists Honored by Australian Academy of Science
False Detections in Microbiome Analyses?
Air Pollution Tied to Higher BP in London Youth
Study finds much still not known about cognitive decline
Pharmacy Researchers Develop Treatment for Glioblastoma
NASA Picks Support Team for Goddard Space Studies Institute
Could Space Dust Help Protect Earth from Climate Change?
Factors of Cognitive Decline with Age Still Unclear
Rebranding Products to Address Racism May Reduce Consumer Acceptance
Air Pollution Raises Blood Pressure in London Youth
Firing Dust from Moon to Mitigate Climate Change: Researchers Calculate Plan
Research Uncovers Little-Known Facts About Cognitive Decline
Clouds Buying Time for Climate-Threatened Reefs: UBC Study
Donor Hearts Reprogrammed for Longer Storage, Better Transplants
Space Dust May Aid Climate Change Solutions
London Teens’ BP Rises Due to Air Pollutants
Clinical Approach to Heart Disorder Needs Reassessment: Review
Earth Shielded by Space Dust from Sun’s Rays