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UOW announces new chancellor
Research suggested surgical masks could prevent transmission of seasonal coronaviruses
Researchers to remain on North Pole due to corona
European ‘university of well-being’ launches its new EUniWell website
Southampton unites with leading climate research universities to accelerate global action
Sustainable beer made from bread
COVID-19 response update: No Hibernation for University
Gardening and Wellness: connect to nature during lockdown
Notre Dame to offer free online courses to upskill healthcare professionals
CORRECTION: RACGP welcomes govt acting on our calls to allow GPs to send electronic prescriptions
Seven-figure support kickstarts COVID-19 Response Fund
A friendlier way to deal with nitrate pollution
ACT Government extend emergency dispensing special authority for pharmacists
It’s Not Enough Just to Get There: Dispersing Species Face Social Barriers Too
RACGP welcomes move to allow GPs to send electronic prescriptions
Triple P COVID-19 online resource for parents to stay calm and in control
Quantum computing at nanoscale
A diamond laser makes guiding stars
Where will seeds come from?
Academies join forces to launch COVID-19 expert database
Is your handwashing up to scratch?
Newly discovered biostability in DNA structures may lead to enhanced design of therapeutics
Migrant women at risk of stillbirth during first two years in Australia
Research pinpoints which Australian cities take biggest economic blow from COVID-19
Face masks won’t help healthy, but are useful in high risk settings
Urgent COVID-19 clarity needed for preschool sector
Building a roadmap to real world outcomes
Quick quiz to spot a master manipulator
Maltreated children four times more likely to miss school
Catholic Education sector welcomes extension of funding to preschools for 2021
Researcher drives voices for WHO Roadmap
ReachOut provides free online mental health support to young Australians during COVID-19 pandemic
Flinders targets COVID-19 vaccine
UBCO teams up with psychologists and nurses to support health care workers
Potential therapy for rare neurologic disease discovered
Natural sunscreen gene influences how we make vitamin D
How important is speech in transmitting coronavirus?
Fossil discoveries rewrite our history
Tips from remote field researchers on life in isolation, tough environments
We stand against racism in all its forms
Artificial intelligence to predict corona-patients’ risk of needing ventilators
Cell-free biotechnology could help accelerate COVID-19 therapeutics
Researcher at University Scarborough creates free online course to manage stress during COVID-19
Political Science researchers to examine law in time of COVID-19 crisis
Concordia Library staff take collaboration to a new level during COVID-19 closures
University researcher creates free online course to manage mental health during COVID-19
Alice Offers Creative Entry Into Coding
ERC Advanced Grants for six Max Planck researchers