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EPFLoop ready to roll in Los Angeles
UNM scientists document late Pleistocene/early Holocene Mesoamerican stone tool tradition
Berkeley Talks: Joel Moskowitz on health risks of cell phone radiation
Eric Hoppe Named ACS Fellow
Offspring of Pregnant Women Exposed to High Level of Pollutants May Have Lower IQs
Professor Patrick Winston, former director of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Using artificial intelligence to better predict severe weather
Visualising data in an age of institutional complexity
Timeless technique intertwined in epic exhibition
10 low-water perennials that thrive in dry situations
University of Alberta researchers land three prestigious $2.5-million social sciences
How do distance learners connect?
Snagging ‘job of year’
Infrared chemical imaging technology promises new precision cancer diagnosis
Finance and Administration Committee of Oregon State Board of Trustees to meet July 30
Georgia Tech CDAIT Hosts Forum to Explain Why IoT for Sustainability is Smart Business
Is there plastic in our drinking water? Probably – and University researchers are studying
Commission releases new research into extremism in UK
New software helps plant breeders bring out their best
Study reveals genetic similarities of osteosarcoma between dogs and children
UTA physicist studying how extreme weather in space affects satellites
Take a Warm Bath 1-2 hours Before Bedtime to Get Better Sleep, Researchers Find
Music Can Be a Viable Alternative to Medications in Reducing Anxiety Before Anesthesia Procedures
NASA Coverage of Vice President’s Visit to Kennedy Space Center on Moon Landing Anniversary
Left wing radicalism linked to sympathy for violent extremism
Health tech companies woo judges at Waterloo pitch competition
Call Midwife duo receive honorary degrees
“How does moon glow?”
Metal Oxide-infused Membranes Could Offer Low-Energy Alternative For Chemical Separations
Peanut Plant’s “Chemical Breath” Could Give Clues to Drought and Other Stresses
Virtual concert set to transform performance possibility
Top cited Chinese authors receive IOP Publishing award
New study to help with shortage of eye donors
Shark fin ban bite-sized solution to biodiversity crisis
A scientific expedition will study gorilla population affected by 2003 Ebola outbreak in Congo
New approach to reducing damage after a heart attack
Deep-sea snail described by Southampton researcher makes Red list of Endangered Species
£4.4M investment to aid fight against antibiotic resistance
Virtual “time travel” recreates 16th century church
Cardio-respiratory synchronization may represent a new measure of health and fitness
Sustainable land management key to reducing Amazon wildfires, study shows
Parasites hinder reproduction for seabird mothers
President of Chinese Academy of Sciences hails value of collaboration between universities
Bouncers in Bone Marrow
Flexible User Interface Distribution for Ubiquitous Multi-Device Interaction
Researchers give standard light microscopes an upgrade to see inside cells
Successful application of machine learning in discovery of new polymers
Changes in food industry salt regulations negatively impact disease rates