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Power to narrow justice gap in palm of our hand?
CSIRO’S Circular Economy Roadmap charts path to triple job creation
Continuous monitoring of proteins a game-changer for patients with rapidly deteriorating conditions
Scientists use 3D printer to print ‘bone’ with living cells
Potential combined drug therapy for lung cancer
Better technique to speed up pain research
Cracking a tough nut for macadamia growers
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute opens new state-of-the-art location in Chestnut Hill
Newly discovered mutation increases diabetes risk in Japanese men
Lots of water in world’s most explosive volcano
Eating human food could mean trouble for urban coyotes, study shows
Conversations on COVID: Is all pandemic news really bad news?
Parents urged to check their kid’s vaccination history before start of school year
Social media bans, restrictions have mixed impact on potential misinformation following Capitol riot
UK public supports usage of tracking technology and immunity passports in global pandemic
Climate, carbon cycle trends of past 50 million years reconciled
New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
Sea Secrets lectures focus on innovative research
Wet and wild: There’s lots of water in world’s most explosive volcano
Blood thinners may improve outcomes in ‘moderately ill’ COVID patients
Rediscovery of ‘extinct’ Pinatubo volcano mouse
Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem: Ethics to Exascale
Spring tweaks to COVID-19 plan are based on fall’s lessons
No more needles?
Dana-Farber research supports FDA approval for immunotherapy combination in advanced kidney cancer
Immersive education: Oceanography lectures inspire new eCornell course
Levels of obesity could rise if effective actions are not taken in childhood
National Trust Secretary, Paul Boniface to deliver Heritage Public Lecture
Women mentoring men could help solve workplace gender bias, inequality
7 rocky planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 may be made of similar stuff
Catching cancer in act
TRAPPIST-1’s 7 Rocky Planets May Be Made of Similar Stuff
Aerosol particles naturally form over open sea
It’s more than just solid
New study will show how efforts to tackle coronavirus can inadvertently cause shame and stigma
NASA Invites Media to Next Space Station Cargo Launch With Northrop Grumman
FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts announces guest lecture series
Tennessee parents concerned about education, kids’ mental health as COVID-19 presses on
Researchers find value in comparison of multiple strategies for mathematics teaching and learning
Number of obese adults ‘could rise to 150 million by 2030’
Book Landscapes of Survival sheds new light on habitation of Jordan deserts
Chimpanzee friends fight together to battle rivals
International initiative on migrant health data
WSU Tri-Cities seminar to discuss exclusion and segregation in mid-Columbia region
Shift in caribou movements may be tied to human activity
Virtual reality will help us in communicating social benefits of vaccination
Depression in new fathers connected to relationship insecurities
TU/e set to host national FameLab final in 2021