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Rapid alcohol delivery service risks
Visit to Malaysia and India
Researchers take first step towards genetic test for childhood short-sightedness
Ketogenic diet helps tame flu virus
UW aerospace engineer part of $1.7M grant to study corals
NASA to Announce Additional Commercial Moon Delivery Providers
Waterloo medical startup wins first Entrepreneurship World Cup
Color, culture or cousin: FSU researcher explores interracial dating
Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy-Associated Heart Disease Linked to Significantly Better Outcomes
Taller People Have Increased Risk for Developing Atrial Fibrillation
Microbial cooperation at micron scale impacts biodegradation
Stephenson Cancer Center Announces Multi-Million Dollar Gift
ARC funding success for La Trobe
Economic Growth Institute recognized for innovative programs that benefit Michigan businesses
Popular electronic cigarette may deliver nicotine more effectively than others
University researchers explore virtual reality as a microbiology teaching aid
New ultralight gold foam shimmers in limelight
Nudge Increases Cancer Screening Orders, But Patient-Facing Nudge Needed, Too
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researcher awarded funding from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for Open
Duke Engineers Adapt Imaging System to Make It Useful for Minimally Invasive Surgery
MIT senior wins 2020 Rhodes Scholarship for Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine region
Local residents entertained, challenged and moved by ESRC Festival of Social Science
EPFL creates a solar cooker with solid potential in Switzerland
Landmark year in global effort to tackle Ebola – analysis from Peter Piot
Bacterial Protein Impairs Important Cellular Processes
Surviving a football frenzy
Statement by Heads of Universities on Current Situation in Hong Kong
Not Only Adorable: Squid Open Up New Antimicrobial Drug Possibilities
Breaking CO2 faster, cheaper, and more efficiently
Giant Margarita launches game world Takeover
From grass to glass, $2m for Tasmanian research projects
New collaboration in global effort to fight modern slavery
Jackdaw mobs flip from chaos to order as they grow
Julia Lovell wins 2019 Cundill History Prize
UNM scientist studies coral reefs in South Pacific
Pulmonary arterial hypertension targeted for new treatment by University of Sheffield scientists
ERC Starting Grant for Roxanne Kieltyka: stem cells in gels
During epidemics, access to GPS data from smartphones can be crucial
Working with India to address human impact of climate change
End of monograph?
Free legal clinic to support community’s vulnerable older people
UQ research boosted with $7.7 million in ARC grants
Jaleesa Trapp shakes things up in classroom and in computing
21st-century lawyers: intellectual law accelerates idea generation
Researchers discover crucial ‘missing link’ between breathing and cardiovascular systems
Could mysteries of antimatter and dark matter be linked?
Could cytotoxic T-cells be a key to longevity?
No excuse for Victorian elective surgery blow out