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Ballarat region plays key role in aphasia research
Regrouping and rebuilding: ADA 2021-2022 Annual Report overview
Stigma, lack of support limit HIV testing in Côte d’Ivoire
Eco-ableism? Banning Straws’ Impact on Disabled People
Stigma, lack of support limits HIV testing in Côte d’Ivoire
Telehealth Improves Contraception & Intimate Partner Violence Care
UPMC First in PA to Use Latest Device for Leaky Heart Valve
What You Should Know About Hormone Therapy and Menopause
Meds Protect Brain Tissue, Improve Stroke Survival
1 in 5 Stroke Survivors at Risk for New Stroke from Irregular Rhythms
Academic research and clinical care come together
Studies find that microbiome changes may be signature for ME/CFS
St. Jude Examines Blood Cells to Uncover Clones, Search for Early Aging Causes
CHOP Receives Grant to Enhance Mitochondrial Research
Can Lab-Grown Beta Cells Revolutionize Diabetes Care?
Why Stem Cell Therapy Might Not Work for Older Patients
Being married may help people maintain lower blood sugar levels
Golf Beats Nordic Walking for Elderly: Health Benefits
Grants awarded to better understand No. 1 birth defect
New evolutionary insights from stepping outside lab
Get COVID Booster if No Vaccine or Infection in 6 Mos
Dual-Phase Imaging Cuts Costs, Radiation for Cognitively Impaired
Call for comment on new sources for enzyme processing aids
Researchers closer to developing new tool to tackle fatigue
Covid Vaccine Offered to High-Risk Youngsters
Research to Reduce Pain, Improve Chemo for Ovarian Cancer Patients
Long-distance treatment for brain disorders
Regulating Sexual Misconduct to Better Protect Patients
‘Hospital exit block’ costing health system billions
All adults now eligible for 2023 Covid booster dose
ATAGI recommendations on use of Pfizer bivalent Covid vaccine 8 February
From Minister – Taskforce targets alleged NDIS fraud
PSA Publishes Inaugural Equality Statement
ATAGI 2023 booster advice
Avoid prescribing pregabalin in pregnancy if possible
Experts Urge Action on Exploitative Formula Milk Ads: Lancet Series
Better Representation of Women Needed on Australian Clinical Panels
‘Hospital exit block’ costing health system billio
Standard sepsis-ID systems miss cases in trauma patients
NFL: Retired Players at Risk of High BP After Head Injury
Researchers Design Machine for On-Demand N95 Mask Production
Experts Divided on TGA Approval of Psychedelic Treatments
Black, Hispanic Dialysis Patients at Higher Risk for Staph Infection
$25M Gift Establishes Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopmental
AI Reduces Stillbirths, Early Neonatal Deaths in Malawi
USC Studies Show Promising ALS Treatments
No Benefit from Early Anti-VEGF for Diabetic Retinopathy
Bacteria Whisperer Wins Top Science Award, Sets New Goals