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Most diets lead to similar modest weight loss and lower blood pressure
South Australia coronovirus update as at 2 April 2020
Aged care workers must get flu vaccination
Queensland latest coronavirus data as at 2 April
COVID-19 takes its toll on kids with cancer
Early study of COVID-19 patients shows high mortality rate
Contraception is essential in preventing rise in unintended pregnancy during COVID-19
Protect health and safety of your workers during COVID-19
Local foundation boosts ventilator and PPE stocks
Cancer Council WA offers $5000 quit smoking aids to homeless hotel guests
89 new cases of COVID-19
How to be medicinewise with ibuprofen in times of COVID-19
NSW latest coronavirus data as at 2 April
Where to get emergency dental treatment in NSW & ACT
Towel Challenge raising vital awareness and funds for stroke
Nurses plea – Protect yourselves and protect our community
BCG vaccine trial to protect Australian healthcare workers starts, enabled by major philanthropic backing
Training more nurses for critical care
Reducing COVID-19 social isolation by expanding Grow’s online mental health groups
78 per cent of Australia’s frontline healthcare professionals are concerned about contracting
Immunotherapy effective in metastatic prostate cancers with specific markers of immune activation
Inherited mutation can predispose children to a type of brain tumor
Stop calling them ‘elderly’: Talking to older adults about self-isolating
Significant global investment could save 11 million children
Research finds spina bifida surgery before birth restores brain structure
Plasma donors sought among recovered COVID-19 patients
South Australia coronovirus update as at 1 April 2020
Planning a healthy workplace program
COVID-19 update – 1 April 2020
Queensland latest coronavirus data as at 1 April
Warning to consumers and advertisers about COVID-19 test kits
Influenza vaccines released for 2020 season
Fighting COVID-19 together: Connecting nursing job seekers and employers
New heat map highlights COVID-19 hotspots
Cancer Council WA calls out alcohol industry for opportunistic marketing during COVID-19 pandemic
BCG vaccine trial to protect Australian healthcare workers has begun
NSW latest coronavirus data as at 1 April
New Zealand reports 61 new cases of COVID-19
SA Government extends emergency dispensing special authority for pharmacists
Breakthrough medicines now available for blood cancer, breast cancer, HIV and epilepsy
Member spotlight: Dr Sharonne Zaks takes TEDx stage
Cancer drug investigated as anti-inflammatory for lethal conditions including COVID-19
April 2020 edition of Australian Prescriber out now
World Autism Awareness Day 2020
Faecal transplants – what they can and cannot treat
Dental pain – what you can do before you see dentist
Flu vaccination more important than ever during month of April
Time to get flu shot