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$20 million federal grant launches AI institute for better crops, agricultural production
Tracking circadian rhythms from your smartwatch
Catching cosmic boomerang in action
Sleep study’s eye-opening findings
Mars’ bright south pole reflections may be clay – not water
Research centre drives improvement in chronic pain services and outcomes
Emerging from Lockdown: Coventry Grid Project 2021
Ask UConn Extension: Can Walking Trails Improve Your Health and Fitness?
Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise
WASO and UWA develop world premiere in side-by-side collaboration
Twist brings new possibilities for ultra-thin 2D materials
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
Research internships help Brisbane nurses improve patient care
Exhibition for men’s mental health
Wine is safer than beer at minimising risk of heart condition
United by anger: Why Japanese people are against Tokyo Olympics
Australian universities and industry working together to solve global challenges
Golden age of genre films leads Australian industry revival
Support for adults with autism
COVID aside, how we manage our health needs to change
New method to detect impact of sea level rise
Funding supports Australians living with rare disease
Degree instrumental in medical lab career success
Support for education providers hardest hit by Covid
New way to detect SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant in wastewater
Black and Latinx conservatives ‘upshift’ competence to white audiences
Cancer vaccine improves outcomes in Lynch syndrome model
Mass vaccination clinic hosted by University of Toronto Mississauga winds down after more than 335,000 doses
University of Toronto prof’s AI startup, Deep Genomics, raises US$180 million: Globe and Mail
New approach to preventing human-induced earthquakes
Geographic differences in gut microbiota boost immunity
Chaotic electrons heed ‘limit’ in strange metals
Dog DNA startup announces $75M in venture funding
Religious have fewer children in secular countries
Research examines how race affects judgements of software developers’ work
Discrimination and safety concerns are barriers to accessing healthy food for food-insecure emerging adults
Spotted lanternfly spreading in New York state
Hemp goes ‘hot’ due to genetics, not environmental stress
Killer whale DNA reveals distinct ties
Helping new mums sleep better without medication
Sleepy athletes risk botched performance
Kids love for video games can inspire teaching: new research
3Bridges forms partnership with Western Sydney University
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Australia must rely on lockdowns to control Delta variant
Life in space: Preparing for an increasingly tangible reality
Why big fish thrive in protected oceans
Disrupting Violence Beacon – creating understanding and offering solutions