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Major new study will investigate causes of global persistent inequality in female electoral representation
Raising Odds Against Viral Infection
Rudd Study: Food Pantry Clients Seek Fruits and Vegetables, Despite Limited Availability
Significant reductions in COVID-19 infections found after single dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
Research uncovers high risk to pregnant women from COVID-19
Teaching pupils to ‘think like Da Vinci’ will help them to take on climate change
For love of country
Melbourne Connect to be a knowledge sharing partner during Melbourne Knowledge Week
‘frontier wars’: Undoing myth of peaceful settlement of Australia
Navigating beneath Arctic ice
Western ranked in top 1.5 per cent of world’s universities for social, ecological and economic impact
Rental pressures force tenants to give up pets
Centre for Western Sydney releases ‘report card’ on NSW Government 23 April
How gaming industry justifies in-game gambling
Future Education Innovations project success
Radar satellites can better protect against bushfires and floods
Philippines once home to extinct giant “cloud rats”
Urgency of children’s global literacy campaign increases due to pandemic
Burns victims struggling to pay
Scientists retrace asteroid’s long one-way trip to Earth
Trust as a competitive tool to win over digital markets
UNSW joins alliance to make Parramatta a global education hub
NTEU calls on UniSuper to stop supercharging climate change
UQ technology powers up greener alternative to lithium ion in Brisbane manufacturing deal
Canadians with disabilities, chronic health conditions hit hard by COVID-19: University of Toronto study
COVID-19 takes toll on Canadians with disabilities, chronic health conditions: University of Toronto study
Collaborators in climate action
A unique partnership continues to thrive
Antidepressant withdrawal or relapse? Doctors can’t really tell
First TEDxUConnFarmington Unfolds Unknown
Science of spin – older stars rotate faster than expected
Earth Day forum: Barrett maps food systems past mid-century
A Plan for Parkinson’s Patients
‘Ecosystem measure’ designed to address shortcomings of GDP approved by UN
UConn Health Researchers Receive a $3.1 Million Dollar Grant to Study Pandemic-Related Stress
UConn Recognized for Using ‘Exercise as Medicine’ During Pandemic
Leading scientists awarded €5M of EU funding
Twelve Cambridge researchers awarded European Research Council funding
Scholarship, service and citizenship at heart of a Catholic university
Quarter million pound research fund will help improve hospice care in West Midlands
Cultivating ‘multilingual identities’ in schools could help reverse national crisis in language-learning
Funding NEMO: case for a gravitational wave detection observatory in Australia
Recognising and sharing military service stories
UC ranked number 1 in world for reducing inequalities
New AI tool calculates materials’ stress and strain based on photos
Keeping humanity central to solving climate change
UniSA to lead research on sustainable neighbourhoods
CDU climbs higher in global impact ranking