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Burnet modelling shows COVID ‘exit’ needs vaccines and public health controls
Scientists Upturn Understanding of How Key Hormones Act in Cells
Singles bubbles ease troubles: How inclusive systems are effective in lockdowns
First detection of light echoes from behind black hole
Rare disorder offers roadmap for understanding inflammatory disease
When stubborn bugs refuse to make drugs
Drug combination gets advanced liver cancer patients to surgery
Excess body fat increases risk of digestive system cancers
Study sheds new light on behaviour called joint attention
Climate change to fuel increase in human-wildlife conflict, UW biologist says
Researchers identify new relevant target for PARP inhibitor talazoparib
UW Wool Throw Sales Begin, Funds to Benefit State’s Sheep Industry
Researchers demonstrate effectiveness of eDNA in calculation of marine biodiversity
Aerosols add new wrinkle to climate change in tropical Pacific Ocean
New Spin on Planet Formation Mysteries
UW to lead new NSF institute for using artificial intelligence to understand dynamic systems
Supporting Gender Equality in Sport
Witchcraft killings of people with albinism has risen during Covid pandemic, says UN expert
Mechanism that triggers brain neuron response revealed
Past abrupt climate changes provide ‘early warning signals’ of cascading tipping points
Is Facebook ‘Killing Us’? new study investigates
Researchers kick-start magnetic spin waves at nanoscale in pursuit of low energy computing
Data-driven dementia prevention
Nearly half of L.A. tenants owe back rent
More tolerant primates have greater need to communicate vocally, new study shows
Rare disorder offers roadmap for understanding roots of inflammatory disease
Scientists Invent New Information Storage and Processing Device
Catching cosmic boomerang in action
Sleep study’s eye-opening findings
Build Back Better Business Council meeting 29 July 2021
Dstl wargames power of influence
IP at heart of new innovation strategy
Research Snapshot: Researchers derive new cancer therapies to decrease risk of heart damage
Mars’ bright south pole reflections may be clay – not water
Facebook News Consumers Less Likely To Be Vaccinated, Survey Finds
When stressed, people are quicker to jump to worst conclusion
Lockdown runner to complete 52km for University MS research
We are more forgiving when people close to us misbehave
Scientists awarded £230k to help unlock immunotherapy for men with prostate cancer
Sediments from lake in Japan reveal stable climate led to origin of agriculture
London Advanced Therapies receives £1.3m boost from Research England
Q-CTRL and University of Sydney announce machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors
Miša Džoljić appointed professor of Healthcare Management
Call for structured dialogue in order to transform food systems successfully
Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise
Witchcraft killings of people with albinism rose during pandemic – UN expert
One insect species introduced decades ago to small island had an effect on several insect populations
High-performance Perovskite Solar Cell Achieved by Combining Chemical and Energetic Passivation