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New route to build materials out of tiny particles
Revisiting history of CPT theorem
ORNL to host Technology Innovation Showcase on June 16
Novel sensors enable precise measurement of dopamine
Stunning new exhibition connects computer art with ancient tradition of glassmaking
Biosynthesis of cyanobacterin opens up new class of natural compounds for applications in medicine and agriculture
T cell warriors need their R & R
UK commits to Life Sciences cooperation with Sweden
New approach allows easy, versatile synthesis of lactone molecules
Watching video feed of hospitalized baby improves pumping experience
Patient-level factors predominantly influence women’s uptake of GP health checks
UK Government recognises achievements of its geographers in fourth annual awards
Navy to Commission Virginia-Class Fast Attack Submarine Oregon
Ancient viral elements embedded in human genome not from fossil retrovirus
Linker histone’s surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA
Unlocking Secrets of Brain
Quest for elusive monolayers just got lot simpler
Pessimism on inflation overshadows optimism on personal finances
Women resent compliments about communality at work
A sunlight-driven “self-healing” anti-corrosion coating
Study reveals flaws in using social media to identify race and ethnicity for health research
Canada and Province of Nova Scotia help support redevelopment of oyster industry in Bras d’Or Lake
New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing
Choking local funding prevents terrorism
Top-rated educational maths apps may not be best for children’s learning
Current R&D pipeline will generate few new antibiotics
Current R&D pipeline will generate few new antibiotics
New cross-sector sustainable energy transition hub opens with energy crisis forum
BAS’ 2021-2022 field season has ended
Amazon and Max Planck Society establish Science Hub
Meta-analysis reveals targeted radiation therapy may be as effective as standard care for small cell lung cancer patients with brain
Just being exposed to new things makes people ‘ready to learn’
New book uses extraordinary numbers in physics to explain mysteries of universe
Seeing how odor is processed in brain
From classroom to ward round – what’s it like being doctor after medical school?
Chemists reveal how tau proteins form tangles
Researchers Frankfurt develop new biobattery for hydrogen storage
Reinvigorating & reimagining our schools: vision for post-pandemic schooling in Australia
New Flexible and Tough Superelastic Metal Alloy Shows Promise in Biomedical Applications
Supermassive Black Holes Inside of Dying Galaxies Detected in Early Universe
Bernard Higgins receives Pat Dixon Memorial Scholarship
Spinifex commemorates National Reconciliation Week with launch of non-alcoholic Gibing Ginger Beer
Protein supplement helps control Type 2 diabetes
Closer look at scientific power of nuclear and accelerator techniques
Cu-Fe Catalyst Facilitates Ambient-pressure Conversion of CO2 Into Long-chain Olefins
World’s most remote oceans are polluted with microplastics: study
Closer look at nuclear and accelerator techniques
On your back? Side? Face-down? Mice show how we sleep may trigger or protect our brain from diseases like ALS