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Team to study impact of cannabis-based drug on most lethal brain tumour
Eight worst wildfire weather years on record happened in last decade: study
‘Super jelly’ can survive being run over by car
Compliance to household mixing restrictions in England decreased with each lockdown
New source for planetary water explored
Extreme heat is threat to wider range of people than we thought
New Board of University of Helsinki elected
Using innate immune defence therapeutically against cancer
Canada and partners invest $20 million in new diabetes research teams
New study examines travel trends during Covid lockdown
Crowdsourcing data to monitor progress on SDGs
Science spectacular back in action at University of Warwick
Efficient read-out in antiferromagnetic spintronics
Performance update 25 November
100% biobased binder as sustainable alternative for bitumen in asphalt
ExeTera software provides deeper analytics of mass data sets from ZOE COVID Study App
Historic town and gown agreement will benefit community
First Dutch bananas end up as cakes, vegan meat and lingerie
Proton therapy: success story that started 25 years ago
GF-3 02 Satellite Launched to Boost Land-Sea Observations
Book Publication by Illektra Antonaki: Reconciling Free Movement of Capital with Public Interest Objectives
Researchers Reconstruct Historical Non-growing-season Precipitation in Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
Tissue engineering using mechanobiology and robotic micromanipulation
Spicy breast milk?
Doing photon upconversion solid-Crystals that convert light to more useful wavelengths
Photoredox Catalysis Realizes Halopyridylation of Alkenes
Research at centre of EU deforestation proposals
A new “United” campaign tackling sports gambling
When going gets tough: Challenges faced by healthcare workers during Covid pandemic
Probing Helium Dimer by Relativistic Highly Charged Projectiles
Scientists Reveal Zipper Head Mechanism of Telomere Synthesis by Human Telomerase
Neural stem cells may hold key to combatting newborn brain injury
Trailblazer university research and industry hubs welcome investment in Australian industry
Covid concessions for offshore temporary graduate visa holders
Short courses aim to bring Einstein’s science into classroom
Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru
Linking increasing air pollution to rise of type of lung cancer
Australian- Indonesian bamboo project shines at COP26
Probing Dysregulation of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 8 Activity in Cushing’s Disease
Targeted drug combination shows unprecedented activity in some highly aggressive brain tumors
Dramatic first weeks for Wellington’s newly hatched kororā
Future investment planned as Antarctica environment protected
Prime Minister’s university funding boost feeble attempt to make up for abandoning sector during pandemic
Future investment planned as Antarctic environment protected 25 November 2021
Zylka Touts ‘Sensational,’ Nobel Prize Winning Basic Research
Reflections on past five years
Researchers pinpoint best diet for type 2 diabetes weight loss
Aussies set to spend big this Black Friday