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Guppies have varying levels of self-control
Girls Who Are Emotionally Neglected or Severely Sexually Abused When Young Report Riskier Sexual Behaviors
Biomass-driven technology allows for enhanced energy conversion
Are partially protected areas ‘red herrings’ of marine conservation?
New system to advance predictions in engineering
Statement on Research and Development Security
How Insects Activate Muscles to Adapt to Limbs Removed
Statement regarding level crossing removal consultation
QIMR Berghofer partners with MedAir Australia to test SARS-CoV-2 aerosol removal technology
Fixed interest and cash ETP update
Changes in nutrient storage and metabolism help fruit flies reach maturity
Green millet genome resource provides a valuable tool for studying major crops
Australian Animal Health Company Builds Animal Welfare Portfolio and Local Manufacturing
United States to Host World Data System’s International Program Office
Foraging humans, mammals and birds who live in same place behave similarly
Study reveals relaxing music to help you sleep
Global trials set to open for COVID-19 treatment first trialled in Southampton
Astronomers document rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
Project maps “astronomical” number of celestial objects
Princeton partners on $30 million grant to advance internet infrastructure
Hard to crack research reveals how crop roots penetrate hard soils
Truly astronomical: over half a billion celestial objects mapped
Profile in Leadership: Master Craftsman program director embraces change during pandemic
Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt
Environment shapes behaviour
Preventing spread of COVID-19 earlier saves lives
Mark Vogelsberger wins 2020 Buchalter Cosmology Prize for simulating a “fuzzy” universe
Scientists seek insight into Parkinson’s, addiction by tracking gene expression in brain
Pentagon Releases List of Additional Companies, In Accordance with Section 1237 of FY99 NDAA
Ozone Generators May Help Remediate Contamination Caused by Thirdhand Smoke
White City’s new hoardings showcase Imperial’s innovation community
Addressing Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines, Clinical Trials
U.S. Department of State and National Park Service Partner to Strengthen Fulbright Exchanges and Increase Global Environmental
Treatments for brain tumors are falling short. Here’s what’s being done to change that
Study shows sharp decline in cancer screenings and diagnoses during first COVID-19 surge
Fewer behavior problems in young foster care kids after PC-CARE program
Integrated approach needed to increase agricultural production and fishery in Dutch Caribbean
New Treatment Target Discovered That Halts Osteoarthritis-Like Knee Cartilage Degeneration
Posidonia marine seagrass can catch and remove plastics from sea
Cardiac Rehabilitation is Underused Across Country. One Simple Change Could Fix That
Following hops of disordered proteins could lead to future treatments of Alzheimer’s disease
2020 was one of three warmest years on record
A call to writers for Okanagan Short Story Contest submissions
A new way to look for gravitational waves
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
‘Happy’ and ‘sad’ music differs across cultures
Cancer Models Created by Mechanical Engineers Offer New Insight Into Tumor Growth
Richer You are, More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds