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Do twist: Making two-dimensional quantum materials using curved surfaces
Second Lady Karen Pence’s Efforts to Raise Awareness On Licensing Reform for Military Spouses
Digitization grants awarded to Arts and Sciences projects
Active volcanoes feed Io’s sulfurous atmosphere
Former rebel groups become more moderate after gaining political power
Crop protection forum – save date
Travis AFB hosts clinical research for NASA’s newly developed medical technology
Athletic trainer researches treatment for kneecap pain
UW seeks Latinos caring for relatives, friends with dementia to develop better training program
Technology shines light on ovarian cancer treatments
A wearable sensor to help ALS patients communicate
Simple actions can help people survive landslides, UW analysis shows
Researchers Discover ‘Spooky’ Similarity In How Brains and Computers See
Bat-winged dinosaurs that could glide
InScience film festival comes to Wageningen
Researchers Develop Simple Way to Capture High Quality 3D Images of Live Cells and Organisms
Humans are born with brains ‘prewired’ to see words
University researchers helping to limit spread of coronavirus in Kenya
Cicada-inspired waterproof surfaces closer to reality, researchers report
Cornell startup Combplex wins $500K in 76West competition
Ineffective regulation on discharge from English hospitals leaving patients at risk
Pandemic poses unique challenges for those living with eating disorders
Florida State University launches new non-partisan Institute of Politics
Scientists show jet lag impairs immune response in mice
Entry isn’t easy, but immigrants face few barriers in NYC tech
All vessels are different – new knowledge on their building blocks can lead to better treatments
New partnership brings Waterloo innovations to Japanese market
Tooth marks and lost teeth offer insights into dinosaur feeding behavior
Diversity improves among TV actors, but executives still overwhelmingly white and male
NAB launches business resilience program in response to mental health
National Research Council of Canada and Red River College join forces to establish a training centre for forming
A river runs through it: Upgrades to Aquatic Ecology Laboratory facilitate mercury research
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation funds molecular medicine research
Britain’s most influential Hindu temple spreads awareness of PRINCIPLE trial among Indian community
We need an evidenced-based space strategy, academics tell policymakers
ENW-KLEIN for dark mater research Colijn and Postma
Soil fungi act like a support network for trees, study shows
Taking shortcuts to new virus and cancer treatments
Bacterial Metabolism of Soy May Lower Dementia Risk Factor
Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 found in wild mute swans
Researchers Eye a System That Uses Marine Microplastics to Get Rid of Marine Microplastics
New type of blood test gives more reliable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Mystery of unusual neutron star system revealed after 20 years, thanks to thousands of volunteers
Breeder stock display calmer behaviour when fed twice
An intriguing invitation to take part in ‘Society from your Sofa’…
AI methods of analysing social networks find new cell types in tissue
Ancient clay may be a piece in puzzle to how life on Earth began
PSA strongly backs proposed recommendations to Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commission