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Mars’ bright south pole reflections may be clay – not water
Facebook News Consumers Less Likely To Be Vaccinated, Survey Finds
When stressed, people are quicker to jump to worst conclusion
Lockdown runner to complete 52km for University MS research
We are more forgiving when people close to us misbehave
Scientists awarded £230k to help unlock immunotherapy for men with prostate cancer
Sediments from lake in Japan reveal stable climate led to origin of agriculture
London Advanced Therapies receives £1.3m boost from Research England
Q-CTRL and University of Sydney announce machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors
Miša Džoljić appointed professor of Healthcare Management
Call for structured dialogue in order to transform food systems successfully
Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise
Witchcraft killings of people with albinism rose during pandemic – UN expert
One insect species introduced decades ago to small island had an effect on several insect populations
High-performance Perovskite Solar Cell Achieved by Combining Chemical and Energetic Passivation
Scientists Uncover Self-other Moral Bias at Conceptual Level
Single-phase Covalent Organic Frameworks Membranes Make CO2-selective Separation Possible
US subsidies boost expected profits and development of new oil and gas fields
IBMS to transition leading biomedical journal to gold open access
Simulated microgravity system created to experiment with materials
2021 Tokyo Tech Challenging Research Award Winners Announced
Rodent rapport: new study shows rats can make friends
Researchers offer lifelines to Black women with HIV
Molecular atlas reveals how brain cells develop
Worker poisoned – basic health and safety obligations not met
Thomastown seniors park wins top honour
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
Farms to profit from emissions reductions
Wine is safer than beer at minimising risk of heart condition
Ron Rathbone Local History Competition Extended: Bayside
Common sense finally prevails in Australian bushfire research – Drought not forestry reason why Black Summer was so severe
New Imaging Measure to Track Brain Ageing
Innovative researchers encouraged to find breakthroughs in dementia
Does testosterone influence success? Not much, research suggests
Future Drought Fund opens grants for $34.2 million to deliver innovation in drought resilience
Black and Latinx conservatives ‘upshift’ competence to white audiences
Studies uncover details of “exhausted” immune cells in patients with chronic infections
Which voices led medical misinformation in early stages of COVID?
Common floral bacteria can induce pollen germination
New modeling solution sets bar for quantifying carbon budget and credit
Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets electrons spinning
Dave and Colleagues Publish Hypertension Research in JAMA
NIH funds Rudra, Jackrel to improve vaccines for elderly
Seeking unique treatment for lobular breast cancer
Less chat can help robots make better decisions
Cancer vaccine improves outcomes in Lynch syndrome model
Significant minority of people are not correctly masked for Covid in Kentucky indoor areas
University of Toronto prof’s AI startup, Deep Genomics, raises US$180 million: Globe and Mail