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Comorbidities can increase plasma biomarker levels linked to Alzheimer’s
Magma beneath tectonic collision zones is wetter than previously thought
Research tracking T-cell activation over time boosts search for immune disease treatments
New database to “SpUR” on cancer research
Physical disabilities linked with ethnicity and social class among older adults in rural China
Verifiable searchable symmetric encryption for conjunctive keyword queries in cloud storage
Instrument-building festival challenges, inspires
Research inspires new dyslexia-friendly novel
Funding helps Tenera Care expand workforce and improve technology to seize global growth opportunities
Study reveals potential therapies for aggressive lymphoma
Customer dissatisfaction can erode merger benefits
People must be ‘heart’ of climate action
Logan Sturm: Researching mashup of additive manufacturing, cybersecurity science
Views sought to boost security of UK data centres and cloud services
West Country family gives £7.7m to create physics PhDs in perpetuity
PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost Covid antibody test
Muslim Council of Britain leader visits prestigious research centre
Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming
Upconversion-based Nanosensor Developed for Chemotherapy Drug Detection
Palaeospondylus: long-standing mystery of vertebrate evolution solved using powerful X-rays
Canadians aren’t as polarized about energy policy as we imagine, new AI social media tool shows
Wealthiest homeowners most at risk of wildfire hazard
Study Reveals How Alpine Grasslands Respond to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts
There and back again: tale of carbon’s travels through Earth’s interior
Person behind murderer
Three chaperones coordinate breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast
Fields of Knowledge: “Forest of Creation” – Sapporo Experimental Forest
Fixing Future: right to repair and equal-IoT
Hospital database of serious injuries can be used to identify domestic violence and abuse, finds study
First cave-bound mollusk species from Americas
Reconciliation is everybody’s business
New non-radioactive, neutral reagent reveals viruses in clear detail
Changes in brain’s visual areas in infancy may precede autism diagnosis
Social and affordable housing gets fast-tracked
Aboriginal Sea Company to make waves with new Chair and CEO
UWA research leads to first Elder-led Noongar burn in Denmark in decades
New Venture Capital Fund to Invest in World-Leading Research and Entrepreneurs
Public art memorial site for survivors of sexual assault given green light
Parklet new drawcard in our CBD
Researchers Investigate Size Effect of AlGaInP Red Micro-LEDs on Silicon Substrate
Researchers Realize Gas Pressure-dependent Luminescence
Researchers Achieve Record-658-km Quantum Key Distribution with Vibration Sensing
COVID-19 in babies – here’s what to expect
Australia takes centre stage for Generation IV forum meeting
Orientation sessions held for new students at all levels of study
Music therapy eHealth supporting people with dementia
Our Journey Our Story
How did ancient moa survive ice age – and what can they teach us about modern climate change?