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Creating new digital tool to help manage ‘AI; WHS risks
September is Rural Road Safety month & with over 89% of camping trips regional this is an important message
Otago genetic pest control projects secure funding
Survey: 84% of Indiana adults report gambling in past year
Creating new digital tool to help manage ‘ai’ WHS risks
Green light for Irymple growth plan at Mildura
Non-native fish are main consumers of salmon in reservoirs, researchers find
Unpacking Victoria’s earthquake
Can you pick high-performing sire?
New Zealand invests in cutting edge cancer R&D
New Commissioner For LGBTIQ+ Communities Appointed
States That Prioritized Access to Water at Height of Pandemic Saved Lives
Soft corals, hard problem: new technique will reveal corals vulnerable to bleaching
How do migraines affect sleep cycle?
Space Station Crew to Relocate Soyuz, Make Room for New Crewmates
Bridge Between Research and Commercialization
Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
Southern California’s Asian American-owned businesses more affected by pandemic than others
Research ‘sniffs out’ how associative memories are formed
Proximity of gene to genetic change plays an important role Cincinnati Children’s study: Covid cases, quarantines lower in schools with mask mandates
Continental growth is not continuous process
Social robots may be more persuasive if they project less authority
Those earrings are so last year – but reason you’re wearing them is ancient
LLNL explores laser beam shaping to improve metal 3D printing
Micro-robots propelled by air bubbles and ultrasound
Some animal species can survive successfully without sexual reproduction
Way Beyond Bigness
Indiana farm fatality summary stresses importance of farm safety
Nuts are not linked to weight gain: University of Toronto study
Research reveals how year of change affected Californians’ health
Physiological stressors triggering disease in heart
New study shows young women with breast cancer who opt for mastectomies report lower quality of life
Cornell launches spaceflight mechanics certificate program
$11.8 million award renews planetary geosciences data effort
Wind energy can help Earth blow back climate calamity
Physicists, colleagues offer new way to control qubits
Vanderbilt launches engagement forum for Nashville community leaders
New residence halls save energy with eco-friendly features
Wood fibers key to sustainable concrete, cement
New optical ‘transistor’ to speed up computation up to 1,000 times, at lowest switching energy possible
Very old Universe reveals new galaxies
Earless worms ‘listen’ through their skin
Improving Control for Users of Robotic Prosthetics
Analysis to help NDIS participants find work
Regional partnership supports UN sustainability program
UW and UC San Diego researchers honored for their work discovering that someone could hack car
Poorly Circulated Room Air Raises Potential Exposure to Contaminants by up to 6 Times