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UNESCO convenes meeting of women entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries of Cuba and Dominican Republic
No eyes? No problem. Worms still avoid blues
Harris ’83 will serve as Biden’s top labor adviser
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Site Decommissioning Plan Approved by Maunakea Management Board
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Site Decommission Plan Approved by Maunakea Management Board
Single vaccine dose may offer protection to those who have had COVID-19
FSU Office of Research Development to fund research of microaggressions and bystander intervention
Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets
London startup raises bar on spinal implants
Giant ‘quantum twisters’ may form in liquid light
Brain tumour care and research excellence recognised
New book explores how sea continues to shape political and economic forces around world
PBS Newshour commemorates University of Toronto’s Charles Best, of insulin fame
Baskin lab identifies pathway for treating deadly melanomas
Clinical trials for new weight loss drugs, devices, among benefits at Weight Management Center
UC launches Space Research Institute
Think brain is always efficient? Think again
Workforce Development Team Aids in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
Surviving lockdown, a new book explores how to tackle cabin fever
A parental paradox for Black girls in justice system
Simple tools reveal high-fidelity truth in lithium-ion batteries
Couples who married in alternative wedding ceremonies needed to help with new research project
UConn Offers New Online Master Program in Personalized Nutrition
Secretary of State has reappointed Frances Akor and Nicola Phillips as Non-Executive Directors of UK Anti-Doping
Funding to support Nottingham’s cultural recovery with digital aid
Scientists suggest revisiting 14-day limit on human embryo research
Exercising in morning might make it harder to remember things that evening, study suggests
New quantum theory heats up thermodynamic research
Tracking proteins in heart of cells
What role do gender stereotypes play during elections?
New model can predict how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance
International Women’s Day in Liverpool: Everything you need to know
UWA launches Defence and Security Institute
Kevin Costello: Exploring intersections of math and music
Pondering unknowable
From little things, big things grow
Researcher helps find largest supernova remnant by looking in right place
Feedback sought on Crown Land Management Act Discussion Paper
Tutoring program to help bridge gaps from COVID-19
‘Falling insect’ season length impacts river ecosystems
Upward trajectory continues for University of Newcastle
Pride of place: a new scholarship supports LGBTIQ+ community 5 March
Paying farmers for biodiversity in combination with carbon pilot
Post-fire logging removes tree hollows vital for wildlife recovery
Failing to see wood for trees may be preventing better cardiovascular outcomes
Beauty is in brain of beholder: An AI generates personally attractive images by reading brain data
UTA team creating new textbooks for transportation certificate
Bowman receives grant to study Alzheimer’s disease