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Cambridge appoints first DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning
Satellites to reveal sea state and much more than eye can see
Australian first in digital literacy
New satellite technology to reveal sea state and much more
Under pressure: how young people cope with anxiety
Australian wheat shows resistance to devastating disease
Optical Society (OSA) Elects Satoshi Kawata as 2020 Vice President
Trans healthcare in regions under spotlight
Westpac NZ pledges action on gender pay gap
National Emergency declared for deadly brain disorder
Diversity awareness bus highlights lived experiences
School of Medicine receives award to develop physician-scientists
Most powerful laser in US to be built at University of Michigan
Research suggests how environmental toxin produced by algae may lead to ALS
FIU to help infuse artificial intelligence into building design and construction industries with $1 million
Engineering Bacteria Into Beneficial Drug Delivery Tools
Emphasizing social play in kindergarten improves academics, reduces teacher burnout
Motivated to decarbonize energy systems: Jenkins speaks out on energy transitions
New Algorithms Shown to Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Process
New Polymer Heart Valve Implanted in First Patient
J-WAFS announces 2019 Solutions Grants supporting agriculture and clean water
Radiation May Lower Potential for Side Effects of CAR T Therapy in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Electric Pill Bottles and Text Messaging Not Enough to Affect Blood Pressure Control
Five Months After FDA Ban, New Study Finds Alternate Procedure Comparable to Hysterectomy
Aim of new U.S. program: Get kids moving, off couch
Study gives clues to origin of Huntington’s disease, and a new way to find drugs
Smiths Detection joins Imperial White City’s security and defence ecosystem
Konvitz lecturer to speak on ‘paradox of corporate globalization’
Acoustic energy harnessed to soften shear-thickening fluids
Shakespeare’s mystery annotator identified as John Milton
One way childhood trauma leads to poorer health for women
One good turn deserves another
Suicide Risk Factors Vary by Ethnic Group
A case for personalized medicine in search for answers about cancer
35 Years: Pitt Commemorates its Legacy of HIV/AIDS Research
Higher Committee of Human Fraternity Includes Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig as a Member
Finding first principles last: A new control methodology
Researchers hope to stop spotted lanternfly before species reaches Erie County
Visit by esteemed immunologist launches new center
President Announces Provost Search Committee, Timeline
New speaker series focused on human rights to launch at Binghamton University
Oral semaglutide improves glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetes across baseline blood
Virtual assistants with personality can help with mental illness
Novel Approach to Ultrasound Raises Possibility of New Medical Applications
Married CEOs Are More Committed to Social Issues Than Non-Married Peers
Feedback from residents crucial to cutting carbon emissions from housing
New piece of Alzheimer’s puzzle found
How animal research is helping fight antibiotic resistance