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Scientists produce new antibiotics by gene editing
Researchers discover gut bacteria that improve memory in bees
Historic town and gown agreement will benefit community
First Dutch bananas end up as cakes, vegan meat and lingerie
Leadership in healthcare quality and safety recognised
Tissue engineering using mechanobiology and robotic micromanipulation
Spicy breast milk?
Doing photon upconversion solid-Crystals that convert light to more useful wavelengths
ACHS Medal 2021 awarded to Christine Gee
While Many Retailers Closed Shop, Adjustable Bed Company SLEEPHIVE Opens their First Retail Store in Campbelltown
AMA gets independent review into procedural fairness of s92 process
Biotron’s BIT225 effective against Covid in animal study
EchidnaCSI recognised as top Citizen of Science
Proposed changes to UK law risk increasing financial abuse of older people, warn experts
Extraordinary Roman mosaic and villa discovered beneath farmer’s field in Rutland, UK
Short courses aim to bring Einstein’s science into classroom
What is orthokeratology? And will it help slow deterioration of my child’s eyesight?
Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru
Dream collaboration
Probing Dysregulation of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 8 Activity in Cushing’s Disease
Statement on Treaty
Birds of prey wear 3D-printed shoes to treat foot disease
Ministerial Statement 25 November
Review of section 92 of Health Insurance Act 1973: Professional Services Review
New dawn in plant breeding: Australian Plant Breeding Academy
Deakin joins peak body Science and Technology Australia
Caltech Undergraduates Recognized for Inventing Product that Would Mitigate Dust in Lunar Habitats
Deakin joins Science and Technology Australia
Belzutifan induced strong responses in patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated kidney cancer
Researchers find new target to combat lung disease
Researchers pinpoint best diet for type 2 diabetes weight loss
EducationWeek: Fewer teens appear to be vaping
Barbara B. Kahn, MD, Wins 2021 Naomi Berrie Award
Sick and Tired: Study Reveals Toll of Poor Sleep Among Health Care Workers
How to Read Jellyfish’s Mind
Covid pandemic leaves permanent scar on retail workers
Concerned about overeating? Here’s what you need to know about food addiction
Scientists find new target to combat lung disease
Study shows gender skew in digital info for new parents
Exercising at start of fast can help people reach ketosis 3.5 hours faster
Research reveals electric fields can improve efficiency of wastewater purification
Exploding and weeping ceramics provide path to new shape-shifting material
Reconstructing formation of Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau
Dstl Fellow wins national innovation and creativity award
Psychedelics show promise in treating mental illness
Mental health during Covid
Preventing next pandemic: University of Toronto’s EPIC consortium
Research reveals that treating insomnia with cognitive behavioral therapy can prevent major depression