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Penn Physicist, Physician Team Awarded $2 Million NIH Grant to Develop Portable COVID-19 Detector for Use
Study reveals relaxing music to help you sleep
Global trials set to open for COVID-19 treatment first trialled in Southampton
Astronomers document rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
Project maps “astronomical” number of celestial objects
To support democracy abroad, U.S. needs to set its own house
New Global Data: 2020 Second Hottest Year on Record
2021 far right storming of United States Capitol
Highly endowed EU grants for research at TUM
Hard to crack research reveals how crop roots penetrate hard soils
Truly astronomical: over half a billion celestial objects mapped
Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt
Preventing spread of COVID-19 earlier saves lives
Model analyzes how viruses escape immune system
Physicists find new state of matter in a one-dimensional quantum gas
Mark Vogelsberger wins 2020 Buchalter Cosmology Prize for simulating a “fuzzy” universe
Scientists seek insight into Parkinson’s, addiction by tracking gene expression in brain
Rockefeller begins testing of new COVID-19 antibody drug in people
Addressing Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines, Clinical Trials
Triggering antiviral immune response in certain breast cancers
New Treatment Target Discovered That Halts Osteoarthritis-Like Knee Cartilage Degeneration
Posidonia marine seagrass can catch and remove plastics from sea
Cardiac Rehabilitation is Underused Across Country. One Simple Change Could Fix That
Cliff Lampe: Social media shutdown
Following hops of disordered proteins could lead to future treatments of Alzheimer’s disease
Artificial intelligence tool for reading MRI scans could transform prostate cancer surgery and treatment
In lab study, nanoparticle shows promising results for treating severe allergies
A call to writers for Okanagan Short Story Contest submissions
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
Cancer Models Created by Mechanical Engineers Offer New Insight Into Tumor Growth
Destination: United States Space Force
La Trobe welcomes 2021 students
Richer You are, More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds
Geneticist’s research predicts and improves animal health and performance
Concept for a hybrid-electric plane may reduce aviation’s air pollution problem
FIU starts COVID-19 vaccinations
How do social media and loss of sleep affect young people’s mental health?
“This is a real shake-up”
Paper: Underemployment pervasive for part-time workers in Illinois
Researchers and others reveal pervasive health threats of unregulated battery recycling
Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by ‘prototypical’ women
New grant will create an institute for racial and climate justice
Greenland Melting Likely Increased by Bacteria in Sediment
New statewide data emphasizes urgency in ramping up administration of COVID-19 vaccines
New way to control electrical charge in 2D materials: Put a flake on it
COVID-19: Mortality risk increases by 20 per cent when ICUs are full
Global study of first impressions adds diversity
No limit to benefits of exercise in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease