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NIH funds research into differences in glioblastoma between males and females
Butterflies are ‘sentinels’ of climate change in mountain ecosystems, say researchers
PolyU designs new dual-task exercise for stroke patients to effectively reduce risk of falls and fall-related
New director for UKAEA’s STEP programme
Autistic Children in Berkshire School to Benefit from New Digital Healthcare Apprentice Support
Children Who Take Prescription Steroids at Increased Risk for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Blood Clots
New Smart Drug Delivery System May Help Treatment for Neurological Disorders
A direct link between smoking and fatal brain haemorrhage demonstrated by a Finnish study
Secret of plant dietary fibre structure revealed
Darren Lehmann to run a marathon for Heart Foundation
New report shows governments are failing to prioritise nurses as number of global confirmed COVID-19 nurse deaths
Investment in high-polluting firms is key to achieving 2050 emissions targets
Hormone Glucagon May be a Warning Light for Diabetes
New committee members to advise City on access and inclusion
A new discovery in regenerative medicine
What is a university degree for?
New report highlights South Australia’s leadership in climate change
ACU’s Future Students Information Centre now open in Blacktown’s CBD
E-Beam Atomic-scale 3-D ‘Sculpting’ Could Enable New Quantum Nanodevices
Macquarie University and Royal Institute sign partnership agreement
Detaching and uplifting, not bulldozing
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Unveils BioMedical Laureates Program to Drive Diversity, Enhance Mentorship
Making Devices More Secure with a More Efficient Hardware Identification Scheme
PPE masks do not always prevent spread of airborne diseases
Child neglect linked to teen pregnancy
Read Our Words: new poster highlights anti-racist reading list for all
Report finds a new Melton Hospital would be significant to economy
Squaring Circle-Breaking Symmetry of a Sphere to Control Polarization of Light
Research shows potential of gene editing in barley
Christchurch cardiac research group wins University’s premier award
Shedding Light on Development of Efficient Blue-Emitting Semiconductors
Biomarker predicts who will have severe COVID-19
A new Melton Hospital would be significant to economy
Researcher addresses ‘COVID Calorie Count’ that’s climbing under lockdown
CTE, Contact Sports Play Linked to REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Safe health workers, safe patients
Cash boost for world’s most powerful telescope
Climate change threatens Komodo dragons
Sturdy Fabric-Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Takes Us One Step Closer to Wearable Electronics
How cigarette butts can be recycled into bricks: a step-by-step plan
Engineers seek to mimic properties of human body
By-step plan for recycling cigarette butts into bricks
Ancient Roman roads endure for millennia. UTA is researching why
Discovery of a new mass extinction
Native stinging tree toxins match pain of spiders and cone snails
A new Concordia project is aggregating environmental knowledge for stakeholders around world
Australia’s global reputation damaged as humanitarian despair of international students and temporary migrants
Study: Insect Can Re-Learn Flower Scents, Even as Pollution Alters Aroma