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Possible Link Between Rising Temperatures, City Crime Surge
Yale's New Enzyme Offers Lupus Patients Hope
Revolutionary Technique Enhances Cancer Checkpoint Therapy
How Calcium Reduces Macrocracking in Sweet Cherries
New Driving Simulator Merges Virtual, Mixed Realities
Hurricane Alters Game Rules in Monkey Society
Supermassive Black Hole Exhibits Baby Star-Like Growth
Novel Catalyst Boosts Green Hydrogen Production from Water
Hurricane Alters Monkey Society Game Rules
King's College Launches CovPall-Partners to Boost Palliative Care Access
Dopamine Raises Hope for New Social Understanding Treatments
Concordia's Gina Cody School Gets $1.58M for Oil-Spill Research
Loki's Horned Dinosaur Wielded Pair Of Giant Blades
AI System Enhances Transit Accessibility in Chattanooga Test Project
CU Boulder Secures $20M to Helm Quantum Nanofab Facility
Ohio State Leads Project To Transform Physics Education
Teledriving Touted as Bridge to Autonomous Taxis
New Obesity Treatment Guided by Genetic Cause Discovery
Novel Test Discovers Deadly Rare Genetic Heart Disorder
Public Backs Traffic-Light Labels for High-Carbon Ads: Study
National Grants Back IU Study on Brain Injury Prevention
Current State & Future Prospects of Energy Network Modeling
Durham Spin-out Gets Nod for Motor Neurone Disease Trials
BCMA-CD19 CAR-T Therapy Tackles Chronic Polyneuropathy
Simons Observatory Probes Big Bang Inflation with New Measures
CAR NK Cells Boost Antitumor Activity, Improve Persistence
Land Leech Species Proven to Jump, First Conclusive Evidence
Supreme Court to Rule on Gun Ownership for Domestic Abusers
Health Clues Revealed in Altering Sleep Patterns
Exeter Launches Tool to Forge Eco-Friendly, Equitable Leaders
Swirling Winds Aid Growth of Supermassive Black Holes
Sweat Health Monitor Measures Levels Of Disease Markers
Basque Immigrants' Arborglyphs Mark Aspen Trees in US West
E. Coli's Defense Mechanism Against Antibiotics Revealed
Creating Art Proves Unique to Humans, Boosts Health
Boost Immunity with Age-Old Health Hack: Vaccines
Climate Change to Transform Home Environments
House Of Dragon: Exploring Science of Fire-Breathing
Oxford Advances AI Reliability with Hallucinating Model Research
Giant Horned Dinosaur Unearthed in Montana Swamps
New Dinosaur Discovery Reveals Large, Blade-Like Horns
Pioneering Cancer Therapy May Spur More Cancer: Why Not To Worry
New Study Reveals Costs Of Sanctions
Reshaping Health Care With AI Innovations
Greening Food Chain: Interdisciplinary Efforts for Sustainability
Early Ovary Removal Linked to Lower Brain White Matter
KI Hosts 800 Delegates at International Ageing Research Confab
Quick, Versatile Technique for Selective Bromination of Indoles