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Dog Kills ‘Bruiser’ Bushbaby in South Africa, Others Threatened
Regenerative Farming Research to Create Carbon Positive Outcomes
Space dust as Earth’s sun shield
IMF Poses Positive Outlook on Jamaica’s Economy
U of T to Ramp Up Sustainability in ’23: Make Impact
UN Chief Urges Aid, Long-Term Plan for Ethiopia Refugees
Women Heading to Antarctica in World’s Largest Initiative
Could Space Dust Help Protect Earth from Climate Change?
Firing Dust from Moon to Mitigate Climate Change: Researchers Calculate Plan
Clouds Buying Time for Climate-Threatened Reefs: UBC Study
Space Dust May Aid Climate Change Solutions
Earth Shielded by Space Dust from Sun’s Rays
Public Backs Action to Curb Misinformation Online: Study
Canada Achieves Marine Conservation Goals by 2030
Somalia Seeks $2.6B to Aid Millions in Historic Drought
Canada Begins 2030 Sustainable Dev Consultation
Drought Speeds Fall of Ancient Empire: Research
Free speech vs. harmful misinformation
Biden-Harris Eases Financial Burden on US Territories
World Bank Boosts Haiti Food Security with New Aid
Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse
Second chance to protect wetlands
Islamic mysticism shows limits of knowledge in unstable world
UNHCR’s Grandi Urges EU to Sustain Refugee Support in Europe
Food-Sharing Economy Saves Money, Impact on Environment Varies
Reduce Pesticide Pollution to Boost Crop Yield, Mitigate Climate Change
Exploring Factors That Spur Environmental Concerns
Swiss Funds Back Food Security for Crisis-Hit Communities
Grandi Urges Support for Refugees, Displaced in Ethiopia After Peace Efforts
Ancient Climate Shaped Deep Sea Sand: Study
ESCAP, IsDB Sign MoU for Strategic Support to Member Nations
Early Adversity Tied to Mental Health, Cognitive Struggles in Teens
New evolutionary insights from stepping outside lab
Young Scientists Urge Policy Makers to Protect Biodiversity
Clive’s mine meets fitting end
Curb Pollution to Combat Superbugs: UNEP
Improving wildfire predictions with soil science
Tropical Biomass Loss May Increase Carbon Emissions
Pacific Islands boost Climate and Food Security Capacity
Mining Convention signed for Belinga Iron Ore Project
ANU solar pioneer wins Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
How to find purpose in life and work: new book
Early Bird Registration Open for Engineers Australia Climate Smart Engineering Conf
Caribbean Launches Global Early Warning System Plan
2022 delivers record solar and wind investment
Academy to advise on future of Great Barrier Reef
Tool combats mosquito-borne diseases: U of T research
Samantha Power Visits Kathmandu, Nepal