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Live climate change news and developments with the latest updates. Check out current climate change news stories and find out what happened, what is going on with climate change. Recent news updates about climate change
Gladys Berejiklian challenged to go vegan
Tesco joins call on UK Government to fast-track move to zero-emission
High-level roundtable calls for strengthened collaboration in Near East and North Africa
Restart funding to support transit services people count on
Leading health groups call on government to address climate health impacts
Few Australians back Government’s nonsensical gas-fired plan, national poll shows
Long-term COVID-19 containment will be shaped by strength and duration of natural, vaccine-induced immunity
Going faster on global ambition to tackle climate change ahead of COP26
Why is West Coast sky orange?
Canada Invests in Climate Change Adaptation Training
Future of food in a changing climate
Modernizing and Refurbishing IAEA Laboratories for State-of-the-art Nuclear Science
Showcasing Innovative Wood Construction at Chalk River Laboratories
Northern Ontario First Nation Communities Reduce Fossil Fuel Use Through Forestry
COP26 Energy Transition Council launched at Clean Energy Ministerial side event
Emma Howard Boyd, Green Summit speech
Near East and North Africa countries discuss responses to COVID-19 and how to transform food systems during FAO
How to Get a Handle on Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Plants
UK Statement to WIPO General Assembly on behalf of Group B countries
UK kicks off Climate Week NYC with a series of ambitious climate commitments
Worth a closer look
Environmental Education grants could transform your community
More support to Goldfields to help residents save money on their water bills
Water-saving support extended to more Pilbara and Kimberley communities
Exmouth residents to receive water-saving support
Water-saving support provided to South-West communities
Water-saving support extended to 19 communities between Walpole to Esperance
Delivering a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast
Prospective MBA candidates get a taste of life at Griffith
Greens plan to create homes for local threatened species in new neighbourhood forest network
Morrison government wants to suck CO₂ out of atmosphere. Here are 7 ways to do it
Vital Signs: 50 years ago Milton Friedman told us greed was good. He was half right
ACT Election 2020: Climate and Energy – achieving a just transition to net zero emissions in ACT
ABC takes Queensland honours for investigative and online journalism
Urgent global plea to reduce plastic pollution after study
Undersea Earthquakes Shake Up Climate Science
FAO launches Green Cities Initiative to help transform agri-food systems, end hunger and improve nutrition
NSF to fund study on far-reaching algal bloom impacts
IAEA General Conference to Start on Monday
Aussie clean-tech start-up wins place at prestigious European business school
New IAEA Publication Illustrates Nuclear Power’s Vital Role in Mitigating Climate Change
Corona-induced CO2 Emission Reductions Are Not Yet Detectable in Atmosphere
Speeding up transition to a low carbon future
Pandemic Threatens Human Capital Gains of Past Decade, New Report Says
Scientists sound alarm on global plastic pollution
Boost In EPA Resources To Tackle Waste Crime
Predator loss, climate change combine to devastate Alaskan reefs: University study
Better understanding of climate risk could save farmers on interest