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Researchers receive Alzheimer’s Association funding
Daily Alcohol Consumption Associated with All-Cause Mortality Risk
COVID-19 Job Loss Reveals Racial, Ethnic Insurance Disparities
USC Researchers Develop Tool to See Inside Cells
Vaginal Microbiome Has No Effect on Infant Gut Microbiome
Path to Net-Zero: Carbon Capture and Storage Could Lead to Ocean
Data-Driven Decisions Promote Sustainability
New Model Predicts Flexibility of DNA Movement at Molecular Scale
High Prices, Not Banking Turbulence, Weakens Outlook
India-UH Agreement Boosts Tamil Language and Culture Research
Angular Momentum Boosts Holograms & Metasurfaces
Heat Domes Amplify Impact of Warming and Soil Feedback in North America
NASA to Host Media Call on Air Quality Satellite Launch
Leveraging Carbon Uptake to Lower Concrete’s Carbon Footprint: 3 Questions
Rice Psychologist Danielle King Wins NSF CAREER Award
Topological Invariants Extracted from Band Structure in Synthetic Frequency
Vedolizumab Shows Promise in Treating Chronic Pouchitis
Intelligent Metasurface Design Inherited Knowledge for Learning and Assembly
New Supercapacitor Offers Energy Storage Solution
Bidirectional Neural Network Designs Metasurfaces for Quantitative Field Distributions
CO2 Pulses Over Australia at End of Dry Season
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low in 2022 Summer
Diffusion Generative Models Speed Up Drug Discovery
Scientists Develop Biosensor for Real-Time Detection of G-Protein Switch
Bacteria’s Light-Induced Superoxides Speed Up Manganese Oxidation
Visualization of 2D Electron Gas in High-Frequency/Power Devices
US, UK Summit Announces Winners of Privacy-tech Challenge
Lessons from Miocene for Today’s World: Ancient Forests, Seaways, and Climate
Deepfakes: has camera always lied?
Artists and Researchers Collaborate for Sustainable Solutions
Danish Researchers Find Birds with Neurotoxin-Loaded Feathers
Scientists Measure Laser-Heated Plasma with Doppler Technique
Cambridge Team Joint Winner in Challenge to Detect Financial Crime at UK-US Summit
Wildfire Proximity Linked to Asthma Cases in Rural Alaska
Ants Followed Flowering Plants Out of Prehistoric Forests to Take Over World
Young Scientists Summer Program Unveils 2023 Participants
Shot in arm
High Burnout Rates Found in Healthcare Professions, Study Says
Scientists Discover New Friction Type in Ligand-Protein Systems
UK Rural Health Center Gets Grant to Boost Community Health Workers
CVC joins EIT’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative
Native Seed Shortage Slows US Land Restoration, Hurts Climate and Wildlife
Fourfold success
ICMS: institute that revolves around people
Report: UK Recycling System Needs Dramatic Overhaul
Pandemic Triggers Rise in Covid Vaccine Compensation Schemes
University of Warwick Trials to Enhance Autistic People’s Lives
New Microscope Objectives Inspired by Scallop Eyes