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Bird flu in Altforst
Avian flu in Altforst
Oxford to trial new COVID-19 test for individuals without symptoms
Deep Learning Algorithms Helping to Clear Space Junk from our Skies
Corporations directing our attention online more than we realize
Susan Wehry recognized with Occupational Therapy Advocate Award
Ground-breaking study on trained immunity to fight cancer
Standardized measures needed to screen kinship foster placements
Differences in decision making between females and males
Curbing COVID-19 Hospitalizations Requires Attention to Construction Workers
Face mask aims to deactivate virus to protect others
Buzz kill: Spiders ‘hear’ airborne prey via their legs
Recipe is different but Saturn’s moon Titan has ingredients for life 30 October
A genetic test predicts THC versus CBD in Cannabis plants
Histamine circuits in brain reward center
Scientists detect 39 new gravitational wave events
Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics
Microbes, Magnetic Fields, and Conspiracy Theories
A hat-trick of prizes for Nottingham physicists
Effective stroke drugs are saving NHS millions
Augmented reality to provide new skills for manufacturing workforce education
Three Imperial academics win Institute of Physics awards
Princeton project expands to create a worldwide fleet of robotic floats to monitor ocean health
Helping Shape Rutgers’ Climate Commitment
Copolymer helps remove pervasive PFAS toxins from environment
Testing drugs within a tumor may combat pancreatic cancer drug resistance, ‘time machine’ suggests
Engineering startups harness Cornell’s entrepreneurial energy
University ranked first in Canada in 10 of 11 subjects by Times Higher Education
Biden,Trump in Virtual Tie in Texas
What you need to know about tax avoidance
How independent are tax academics?
Adapting water resources to climate change
Misleading mulch: Researchers find contents of mulch bags do not match claims
New study will uncover influence of medieval philosophers on today’s pluralism
Wiley Accelerates Innovation in Research Publishing
La Trobe partners with Fishburners
Disease-transmission model forecasts election outcomes
Higher vitamin D levels in first year of life could help against obesity in adolescence
Higher stillbirth risk for mothers experiencing deprivation, unemployment, stress and domestic abuse
COVID-19 added to isolation among families facing autism
Daniel Naurin is new director of ARENA
Healthcare workers and their households at increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation
CSL Named as One of World’s Best Employers
New UB-IDIBAPS study on origins of autoimmune psychosis
How do we get to transportation heaven?
First-ever insect vaccine helps bees stay healthy
Methanol could be a climate neutral option for shipping
New views on a 40-year-old catalyst