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University of Limerick, Ireland research finds variety of opinions are crucial for ‘fostering trust’ in vaccination
DNA contained in honey finds honeybee health
MIT J-WAFS announces 2022 seed grant recipients
Researchers Will Provide Antibody Testing to Help Study Long COVID in Children
Researchers unveil secret of stronger metals
Research reveals higher excess deaths during Omicron period compared to Delta period in Massachusetts
Johns Hopkins neuroscientists find brain mechanism tied to age-related memory loss
Medical debt during pandemic
Assessing bias in patient safety reporting by physician gender, race, ethnicity, faculty rank
Risk of alcohol-associated liver disease after medical therapy for alcohol use disorder
Function follows form in plant immunity
Superconductivity and charge density waves caught intertwining at nanoscale
Unexpected flow behavior in liquid metals
Topography and soil pH steer activity-density and spatial distribution of termites in fine-scale study
Classes on biodiversity in zoos only effective as part of complete curriculum
Machine learning radically reduces workload of cell counting for disease diagnosis
Nominations of EPFL professors 21 May
Yang wins German research award
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing launches Tennessee’s first master of nursing degree
Physicist’s love of climbing leads to new kind of class
Less recurrencies with low-dose apixaban compared to discontinuation of anticoagulant after negative D-dimer
Scientific Discovery Gets Kind of Government Seal of Approval
Uncovering new details of brain’s first line of defense
UK CERH to host Kentucky Rural Telehealth Summit in June
20% of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis cases in children could be averted by household testing and treatment
Scientists have developed potential super wheat for salty soils
Collaboration finds interplay between charge order and superconductivity at nanoscale
Researchers highlight crisis in dental care for people with severe mental illness
KT fund and MA budget: bridging gap between CERN research and society
Collaboration to enhance agricultural research and education in Northern Tasmania
Spin-out backer announces £215m of investment funds
Northern Gritstone secures first close of £215 million ahead of making its first investments
Leiden scholar wins first prize at insolvency law research workshop
Virtual immune system roadmap unveiled
New method revolutionizes cancer diagnosis
Northern Gritstone secures first close of £215m ahead of first investments
‘Traffic calming’ boosts breeding on coral reefs
Discovery of ‘ghost’ fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
Vision for future as pupils join forces to create climate change action plan for region’s schools
UB team creates new tool to verify geographical origins of virgin olive oil
Building shared future for all life by supporting biological diversity
HKUST Appoints Prof. Nancy IP as Fifth President
Research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment
Snake trade in Indonesia is not sustainable enough: but it could be
Cancer vulnerabilities could get exposed by ‘game changing’ method
IAP Releases Datasets of Frequent Marine Heatwaves in Most Ocean Regions during Last Two Decades
Funding for rapid test to detect antibiotic-resistant skin infections in Aboriginal children
Fading of negative experiences