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Our itch to share helps spread Covid-19 misinformation
Global consultation on ethics of AI begins in Montreal
A cosmic cataclysim allows precise test on quantum structure of spacetime
Empowering kids to address Covid-19 through coding
Engineers design a reusable, silicone rubber face mask
Texas Realtors Assess Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate
Sheffield to play key role in new study into long-term health impacts of coronavirus
Extreme rainfall events cause top-heavy aquatic food webs
To engineers’ surprise, radiation can slow corrosion of some materials
Climate warming affects individual trees differently, driving evolutionary responses
Task force fills food gaps for families
LLNL papers accepted into prestigious conference
Gene yields insights into causes of neurodegeneration
Mapping immune landscape of haematological cancers may help to enhance therapies
Research sees decrease in emergency visits for stroke care
Canon Medical and Exeter deal to research child heart disease
CO2 levels in Earth’s atmosphere will be higher than at any time in last 3.3 million years by 2025
Baylor University Recruits Rising Cancer Researcher, Baylor Alum with $2 Million Grant from CPRIT
Adults with obesity more likely to develop H1N1 influenza
COVID-19 survey work builds on University of Michigan researcher’s projects in Mozambique
More biofuel from same amount of biomass
Only 57 percent of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine
Moderate summer harmful algal bloom predicted for western Lake Erie
Living close to natural green space benefits gut bacteria of urban, formula-fed infants, study shows
Radio-Over-Fiber Compression Poised to Advance 5G Wireless Networks
Researchers gear up for preclinical testing of coronavirus vaccine
We are part of a new European Universities Alliance
Placebo effect ‘could treat pain’
Circle U. joins ‘European Universities’ initiative
Alliance of Scientists Wants to Understand Gene Mechanisms behind Major Common Diseases
University of Exeter collaboration shortlisted for prestigious national KTP ‘Best of Best’ Awards
Researchers make first steps toward a cure for HIV
Intimate partner violence, history of childhood abuse worsen trauma symptoms for new moms
Researchers explain antibody testing work to track COVID-19 infections in UK
New Center for Myotonic Dystrophy Research
PolyU discovers effect of chemical compound PTU on autophagy in zebrafish embryos
Trump vs. Biden brings foreign policy to forefront
Applying rock dust to croplands could absorb up to 2 billion tonnes of CO2 from atmosphere
New $3.7M grant to support research exploring mysterious link between cancer, HIV/AIDS
Women who deliver by C-section are less likely to conceive subsequent children
New tools aim to address adverse impact of COVID-19 on orthoptic clinical practice
New report aims to help prevent incels from turning to violence
“A liberal culture within police force is something worth fighting for”
Why stakeholders in “wind energy vs biological conservation” conflict have low mutual trust and how to increase
University signs up to international agreement for best practice in research assessment
Nature Access Requires Attention When Addressing Community Health Needs
Seismic societal engagement activity recognised in 2020 President’s Awards
Launch of company Gate2Brain, based on a novel technology to transport drugs into brain