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Insights into Brain Function with New Circuit Model
AIDEDNet: New Dehazing Network for Real-World Scenes
Link Between Autism and Perception of Movement in Infancy Found
Experts Share Tips for Functional Cure of Chronic Hepatitis B
Energy Consortium to Advance Research and Education Workforce
Bats Experience Hearing Loss in Old Age: Study
New Discovery: Host Matters for Aggregation and Electroluminescence
Photocatalysts remove cancer-causing metals from wastewater
Surgery Effective Alternative to Chemo, Radiation for Early Metastatic Testicular Cancer
Vasiliki Kosta Addresses Maastricht Law Seminars
Researchers Develop Numerical Algorithm to Study Continuous Ice-breaking
‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg 54 Portrait to Decorate NYS Capitol
CAR T Cells Improve Quality of Life for Patients
Enhancing Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Power Using Dark Autoionizing States
Iridium-Based Catalysts to Improve Efficiency of Green Hydrogen Production
ILR Dean and Corning VP to Keynote on Future of DE&I at Work
Research Evaluates ChatGPT’s Performance on USMLE
Funding boost for RISUP drug use research project
Trust doesn’t lead to complacency in crisis situations
Diversity Takes Step Back in Theatrical Films, Strides Forward in Streaming
Preterm Birth Increases Risk of Asthma, COPD in Adulthood
Anticipation Conference 2024 to be Hosted by Lancaster University
EHRs Can Help Monitor Chronic Disease Burden
Fake news on Facebook increased 2020 election doubts
Tiny Diamonds Make Intracellular Sensors
Denmark excluded from international cooperation by short masters programme
New study finds hearing loss is going untreated
Ice Age Predator: Sabertooth Skull Offers Clues
Incurable skin cancer’s treatment resistance uncovered by autopsies
EU Conference: Call for Papers on Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
March Special Issue of SLAS Discovery Highlights Drug Discovery Protocols
Machine Learning Models Rank Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Machine Learning Models Rank Predictive Risks for Alzheimer’s Disease
Facebook’s fake news fuels 2020 election doubts
Open Science NL Launches Regieorgaan for Research Coordination
KAIST Develops Biohybrid System to Extract 20x More Bioplastic from CO2
Where does Higgs boson come from?
Rice U.’s Todd Treangen wins NSF CAREER Award
Over 50s: 40% fail to report hearing loss
Triple success in prestigious EU grant round
University of Helsinki reappoints Sari Lindblom as rector
Deakin launches Australias most advanced motion simulator
University of Helsinki Researchers Receive ERC Advanced Grants
Leiden Law School awards research funding to all 16 grant applicants
Two KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
UAB Leads Spanish Universities in European Patent Applications
Daily Handful of Blueberries May Boost Brain Function
High Blood Pressure in Children Linked to Adult Hypertension