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Fear year: Pandemic politics made us anxious, but hardly safer
Water scarcity footprint reveals impacts of individual dietary choices in US
Islands give rise to evolutionary giants and dwarfs
COVID-19 reduces access to opioid dependency treatment for new patients
Diet of Homotherium sabertooth cat included baby mammoths, according to new research
Designing better antibody drugs with artificial intelligence
Immunotherapy Alone Extended Life for Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients with KRAS Mutation
Commemorative stamp marks 100th anniversary of University of Toronto’s discovery of insulin
Indiana University, tribal nations complete Angel Mounds repatriation
Pieter’s Corner: sense of conspiracy theorists
More English learners at risk of future academic struggles in Texas public schools
Odibo named director of maternal-fetal & ultrasound division in OB-GYN
Mediterranean diet with lean beef may lower risk factors for heart disease
Tufts Awards Grants to 35 Non-Profits to Support Local Initiatives
New book provides insights into blended learning good practice from across globe
Canada’s first 5G drones fly over UBC
Penn Medicine Awarded Nearly $7 Million for First Year of Contract to Study Influenza Viruses
Most detailed look at kelp forests to date finds unseen parasites dominate species interactions
L.A.’s legacy of oil drilling impacts lung function in residents living near active and inactive wells
UZH Researchers Find New Measure to Predict Stress Resilience
Researchers denounce revived theory of Caribbean cannibalism
Long-term weight retention and associated health risks identified in obese adults
Drought-induced Mortality of Conifers
Study identifies epigenetic factors that predict COVID-19 severity
Simplified treatment for a cause of sight loss offers eye-opening savings for hospitals
Risk of rare blood clotting higher for COVID-19 than for vaccines
Academic contributes to documentary exploring humans’ impact on planet
University researchers help provide a beacon of hope in quest to eradicate ghost fishing
Leading cancer scientist to open new charity superstore in Bristol
Dog bites in children tripled during first lockdown, study finds
Reduction in nitrogen deposition leads to biodiversity recovery
Cellular “hotspots” in brain may signify earliest signs of cancer
Starving Tuberculosis of sugars may be a new way to fight it
Researchers aim to prevent muscle wasting that causes many cancer deaths
Fewer advertisers but more subscribers to Nordic news media during pandemic
Ingenious mechanism for sucrose metabolism in lepidopteran insects
‘Your government makes us go’
Quite a turnaround: What microrobots have in common with soap
Biologically excretable AIE dots for visualizing through marmosets intravitally
Researchers examine which trees are movable when climate change evicts them from their original habitats
Old honeypot: oldest direct evidence for honey collecting in Africa
Lupus clues from cellular ‘power stations’
Research shows need to address root cause of far-right extremism
Classification Scheme Developed for Newly Identified Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease
UOW joins Southern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub
‘Right thing to do’: Gig economy firms face music
Enhanced conditionality: is it worth payment?
Uncovering secrets of some of world’s first color photographs