2019-20 State Budget requires a long-term vision for Victoria

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls on the Victorian Government to use the 2019-20 State Budget to map out a long-term vision for the State, including better integrating infrastructure and land use planning, ensuring expenditure growth does not exceed revenue growth, lifting the moratorium on onshore conventional gas exploration and investing in regional Victoria.

The Victorian Chamber’s recommendations to plan for regional infrastructure to support population growth, increase the payroll tax threshold and invest in new technologies to improve our transport system are all vital for Victoria.

The Victorian Chamber’s 2019/20 State Budget recommendations include:

· Increase the payroll tax threshold to $850,000.

· Maintain Victoria’s AAA credit rating.

· Ensure expenditure growth does not exceed revenue growth over the forward estimates period.

· Lift the moratorium on onshore conventional gas exploration.

· Build the East West Link as well as the North East Link.

· Amend the Infrastructure Victoria Act 2015 to require Infrastructure Victoria to identify land use and infrastructure corridors that should be preserved to meet current infrastructure needs or reserved to meet future ones.

· Develop a comprehensive decentralisation plan to manage population growth in regional areas.

· Fund a dedicated, comprehensive and tailored support service to help businesses who have never engaged an apprentice.

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Mark Stone AM:

“The 2019/20 budget is an opportunity for the re-elected Andrews Government to set out a long-term vision for growth and job creation. Our recommendations build on Victoria’s successes to generate more economic activity, investment and jobs.

“Our recommendations for investment in apprenticeships and traineeships would set more young people on a successful career pathway, strengthen recognition of employers who take on apprentices and develop workers with skills that meet industry needs.

“While Victoria continues to lead the nation in terms of economic growth, challenges include changes in technology and rising costs for small business and intensifying global competition. Practical actions to lower business costs, raise productivity and improve the environment for investment and jobs growth will benefit all Victorians.”

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