Put American People First, Not China
New legislation introduced to protect patient access to surgical care
CDC Issues Framework for Resuming Safe and Responsible Cruise Ship Passenger Operations
One-third of survey respondents experience worsening levels of stress
Legal discrimination stymies economic outcomes for women
UPDATE: New Border Wall Reaches 400 Miles
Coronavirus pandemic has pitted England’s mayors against London
Coronavirus Mutation May Have Made It More Contagious
Ring Road impound for probationary driver
Blue-Collar Presidency
Colon cancer surgery performed by highly skilled surgeons improves long-term survival for patients
Skilled surgeons boost colon cancer survival by 70%
Applications unavailable 30
Foreign Secretary statement following earthquake in Aegean Sea
NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee Final Determination: Lenwebbia sp. Main Range
Specially-adapted drones gather new data from unexplored volcanoes
Water on ancient Mars
Virtual spaces for realistic learning
Proclamation to Modify Duty-Free Treatment Under Generalized System of Preferences and for Other Purposes
Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl Risch Travels to Mexico City and Monterrey
Police search for missing teen Kelly Verde
New drone technology improves ability to forecast volcanic eruptions
Water scarcity and reduction in crop yield due to climate change could drop GDP by 10%in Middle East
Washing Hands and Halloween Candy can Mitigate COVID-19 Contamination Risks
Democracy in distress?
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Financial Rights Legal Centre win AFCA cases against funeral insurer Youpla
Statement by President 31 October
Technique reveals deeper insights into makeup of nacre, a natural material
Research lays groundwork for ultra-thin, energy efficient photodetector on glass
Archaeologists: Ancient Turks adapted to climate change
Holly Parker discusses UNE’s role in North Atlantic at Camden Conference event
Police search for missing woman Xianhua Chen
Trials of Oxford coronavirus vaccine begin in Kenya
Spectrum News: Doctor on frontline of COVID-19 pandemic and protests
White House New Bill Announcement 31 October
FSU’S Facility for Arts Research hosts virtual visiting artist lecture series
U.S. Economic Strength Weathers All Storms
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks Before Marine One Departure
Two firearms and ammunition found in roof cavity; woman charged at Doonside
Galaxies Have Gotten Hotter As They’ve Gotten Older
Two Nominations Sent to Senate 31 October
Viet Nam: Landslides caused by Storm Molave bury at least 13 families in remote district
COMFIT image released after Brighton Le Sands armed robbery and carjacking
Fear of predators shapes entire ecosystems
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Aboard Air Force One
Boeing on Contract for Two More Japan KC-46 Tankers
Former Ludwig Board Member Pierre Languetin passes away
Trump Administration Announces Second Phase of FY 2020 Drug-Free Communities Grant Awards