Atlas Advisors Australia announces investment in Elanor Wildlife Park Fund

Atlas Advisors Australia

Leading wealth manager Atlas Advisors Australia has acquired a significant share in the Elanor Wildlife Park Fund.

The fund consists of two iconic wildlife park assets: Featherdale Wildlife Park, located in Western Sydney and managed by ENN since 2013, and Mogo Zoo located in Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

Executive Chairman of Atlas Advisors Australia, Guy Hedley said the two wildlife parks were core attractions for domestic tourism with a mixture of property and longstanding and profitable business assets.

The Elanor Wildlife Park Fund is the first of its kind in Australia and is looking to capitalize on the growing nature-based tourism industry.

Mr Hedley said parties were looking to add other private zoo and wildlife park assets to the portfolio.

He said nature-based tourism is the fastest growing sub-sector of the tourism industry in Australia and around the world.

“It is the perfect time to invest with nature-based tourism experiencing strong growth and much potential in the industry yet to be realised,” Mr Hedley said.

“As our environment comes increasingly under threat, wildlife parks and ecotourism offer residents and tourists the ability to experience, enjoy and learn about wildlife and nature in an animal-friendly and environmentally sustainable way.

“These organisations also contribute to building resilient regional economies which generate employment and innovative new experiences and products.”

Mr Hedley said there are around 86 private and 14 public zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries across Australia which present further acquisition and consolidation opportunities for the fund.

“These are a recession-proof assets that align with our strategy to ensure investment is put towards socially and environmentally responsible organisations,” he said.

“It also corresponds with investor calls for good corporate citizenship and increasing appetite for socially responsible investing.”

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