Australia’s NBN disrupters set their sights on mobile industry

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Australia’s NBN disruptors set sights on the mobile industry

Some call them disruptors, others innovators – but whatever word you choose, MATE is definitely not your average telco company. Their incredible business model has seen unprecedented growth since their inception in 2015 as well as consistent industry recognition for their business management, NBN products and award-winning customer service.

With its sights now firmly set on shaking up the mobile phone industry, MATE shows no sign of slowing down.

This decision to expand into additional services wasn’t one that MATE took lightly. After much research, and backed by consumer trend research and the availability (and price point) of products, MATE knew it was time to take the plunge.

MATE History

· MATE was conceptualised in March 2015, as an answer to a gap in the NBN roll out market.

· Business began on the 29 June 2015, with identical twin brothers David Fazio , Mark Fazio and friend of the family Jonathan Dundovic.

· MATE has experienced rapid growth, growing from 1,214 customers and $579,000 revenue in 2016 to 35,756 customers and $30 million in revenue in 2018.

· MATE has been awarded seven industry awards since 2017, with customers and critics being blown away by their unique approach to providing telecommunications services.

Unlike other telco companies, MATE is 100% local, Australian focused and customer-service oriented. They look to their customers first, always. That means understanding the services the customers want, and the price they want them. Since their inception, MATE has been on the leading edge of telecommunications services innovation.

  1. When other companies were moaning about slim NBN margins and fleeing the market, MATE was getting on with the job and offering great deals to customers.
  2. When other companies were outsourcing customer service to offshore organisations, MATE was setting up an outstanding customer service team in their headquarters in Southwest Sydney.
  3. When other companies were downsizing and cutting staff, MATE kept growing their local team at an incredible rate.

And now, while other companies raise mobile rates or extend contract terms, MATE is offering the Telstra network for lower prices that, when bundled with their NBN packages, offer the best prices available anywhere in Australia…. All of this with absolutely NO lock in contracts, ever.

MATE is firmly committed to their customers and bringing a bit more ‘Aussie mateship’ to the Australian telecommunications industry. There’s no doubt that the addition of mobile services to MATE’s multi-award winning NBN services will have other telco companies sitting up and taking notice.

Mark and David Fazio are

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