Blamey Saunders unveils Facett, a world-first in hearing aid technology

Monday 5 March 2018. Melbourne-based scientists Blamey Saunders today reveal a breakthrough in hearing technology that allows all Australians easy access to self-fit, lower-cost hearing aids. Facett has been designed to appear like a beautiful piece of jewellery, shifting hearing aids from disability to desirability.

Facett is the result of a unique collaboration led by Professors Peter Blamey and Elaine Saunders, in partnership with Extel Technologies, RMIT and Swinburne University, and with support from the Federal and Victorian State governments.

Named for its faceted appearance which was inspired by natural forms in Museums Victoria’s mineralogy collection, RMIT PhD Researcher and noted designer Leah Heiss wanted to design a product to take hearing aids from disability to desirability.

Regional Australians will benefit most from this local innovation, which empowers users to test their hearing remotely and manage their personalised settings via a computer or smartphone, with online expert technical and audiology support.

One in six Australians suffers from a hearing loss, a figure that is expected to increase to one in four by 2050.

Speaking about Facett, Blamey Saunders Co-founder Prof. Elaine Saunders said, “We are on a mission to help Australians hear better, and to reduce the stigma attached to wearing a hearing aid. Facett is the culmination of decades of work, and the many scientific advances we’ve made in hearing. Its creation has been a true collaboration between science and design. We wanted to create a beautiful hearing aid that people would be proud to wear. We are proud to have achieved that with Facett.”

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