Bushwalker Rescued from the Leven Canyon, TAS

At around 8.30pm on Saturday evening police received a call regarding a bushwalker who was in urgent need of insulin due to his medical condition.  Police from Ulverstone and Road and Public Order Services attended Leven Canyon area and began trekking towards the estimated location of the bushwalker.  Due to the possibility of a severe medical condition developing, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was also tasked to assist in the search for the 23 year old man with diabetes who had hypoglycaemia on the walking track between the Leven Canyon and Dobson’s Flats, Tasmania Police say.

Inspector Shane LeFevre said “The condition of the walker could have deteriorate rapidly.  The walking party were thoughtful enough to remain in a position near the river and keep the man warm with the onset of darkness.”

Thankfully the man did not require any further medical intervention.

It emerged that three friends had planned to complete the Leven Canyon Lookout loop track. They had become disoriented and followed the track to Dobson’s flat. The diabetic man had been carrying sufficient supplies for 4 hours – having expected to be walking for around an hour. When he became hypoglycaemic, one friend kept walking to raise the alarm. The men lit a fire using the sleeve of a shirt which allowed the crew of the helicopter on night vision goggles to see them over 3 kilometres away.  The Paramedic and Rescue crewman alighted from the helicopter at the hover in the riverbed and a short time later the two men and their Border Collie Heidi, entered the helicopter at the hover and were flown to Devonport Airport.

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