Child sums up feeling towards SATs with brutal answer to exam question – and still gets it right


Their teacher called it “an intelligent response” and it seems thousands of people agree

Exam season has come around again and a lot has been said about the pressure we put on young children to perform well in such tests as SATs.

Teachers have even sent letters home to their students advising them to relax, stop thinking about revision and do something like play or smile instead.

It’s fair to say SATs aren’t the most popular exams around – and one kid decided to express his dislike for them in an actual exam paper.

A teacher shared a photograph of one of his pupil’s answers to the Facebook page UK Education Crisis.

The child was asked to use the word ‘point’ as a verb, and gave the answer: “I point at the car.” So far, so good.

SATS exam answer
Brutally honest

The following question challenged exam entrants to use point as a noun. Cleverly, the child answered: “I don’t see the point in SATs.”

We see what they did there – AND they got the answer correct.

Their teacher called it “an intelligent response” in his post, which has racked up nearly 5,000 shares by amused Facebook users.

It’s not the only test answer to raise a chuckle in recent days.

Last week a young child’s problem-solving skills went viral after their teacher called it “My Kindergarten teaching experience in a nutshell.”

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Posted on Imgur by user LaPagina with the caption “My Kindergarten teaching experience in a nutshell”, the photo shows a maths question asking pupils to circle the smallest number out of three and ten.

Most people would agree the correct answer is three.

Not this kid.

As most maths questions do, for extra points it also asks the child to show or tell HOW they know the answer – and this is where things get interesting.

The correct working out of a question you’ve actually got wrong is…to draw a rainbow.

Not only do we think this kid should get points for ‘thinking outside the box’, but if we’d known this all along, how different would our lives have been?

(Source: Mirror)