Expenditure Review Launched into MFS

New trucks, state-of-the-art technology and station upgrades to cater for the growing number of women becoming firefighters in the Metropolitan Fire Service are key projects the Marshall Government wants to deliver and will be able to following an expenditure review into the organisation.

A review will be launched into MFS spending to ensure the Service is fully supported by sound financial management.

Data shows the number of incidents the MFS has attended over the past 10 years has declined but annual expenditure has ballooned by $60 million from $99.6m in 2008-09 to $159m in 2018-19, the figure excludes the impact of significant revaluations of the workers compensation provision.

Minister for Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Services Corey Wingard said former New South Wales Emergency Services Minister Troy Grant will head the review.

“This review will help make sure State Government funding flows to the right areas in the Emergency Services,” Minister Wingard said.

“It will help get them back on track with their finances so they can continue to serve the community in the best way possible,” he said.

Minister Wingard said it was important to ensure the MFS was getting the best bang for its buck with funding.

“Our men and women who risk their safety by putting themselves on the frontline against fires to protect the community are heroes,” he said.

“Their commitment cannot be disputed. Which is why it is so important they are fully supported by sound financial management. This is about making sure we can equip them with the latest trucks and technology to help them protect the community.”

Minister Wingard said new MFS chief Michael Morgan had identified problems upon his appointment and was determined to address them.

“Mr Morgan is a strong and experienced leader who is committed to tackling the issues facing the MFS at present,” Mr Wingard said.

The results of the expenditure inquiry, to be conducted by the Department of Treasury and Finance, SAFECOM and the MFS, will provide outcomes which could then be used to initiate broader review and options for improvements.

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