Greens $1 trillion threat to economy

Australian Conservatives Release

New modelling shows Labor’s climate alarmist cap-and-trade carbon policy would cost the Australian economy as much as $542 billion by 2030, depending on the level of ­access to permit trading but if, as they are threatening, the Greens block or limit the use of international carbon permits, that cost could be as high as $1.2 trillion.

The only way to stop the Greens and Bill Shorten wrecking the Australian economy is to vote “1” Australian Conservatives in the Senate so that this destructive socialist menace can be stopped.

The Australian reports, the analysis, released as Bill Shorten continues to defy calls to put a price on his climate change policy, would be a serious brake on economic growth, GDP, jobs and wages and push up already stratospherically-high electricity prices.

The government yesterday sought to pile pressure on the ­Opposition Leader’s claim that it was impossible to put an economic price on his Climate Change ­Action Plan or the cost to business from meeting targets through the use of carbon credits.

The report by Brian ­Fisher, a former head of the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics under both Labor and Coalition governments and has been a lead author on the ­Intergovernmental Panel on ­Climate Change – said he was ­releasing the report in the interests of transparency.

He said it was inevitable that large adjustments to the economy that would affect industry would come at a cost but there was “a reluctance to have a frank and open discussion about these costs”.

Labor has yet to say what level of these permits would be allowed, claiming it would be worked out with business if Labor was elected… not mentioning the economy-killing threat from the Greens.

Opposition climate change spokesman Mark Butler claims Labor’s policy could not be modelled or costed and would only be worked out if Labor was elected.

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