Hodgman’s Royal plan: more delays, more cuts, more confusion

  • Liberals re-announce re-announcement
  • Humiliating display from Hodgman and Courtney
  • More cuts to come in health
  • In yet another embarrassing, panicked re-announcement, Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney have announced that the Royal Hobart Hospital development is still going to be delayed until February.

    In a desperate attempt to distract Tasmanians from impending savage health cuts, the Liberals claim to have fast-tracked a handful of beds to be open next year.

    Shadow Minister for Health Sarah Lovell said Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney didn’t even know how many beds were currently available at the Royal or how many there would be at the end of the redevelopment.

    “The redevelopment at the Royal is the Liberals’ silver bullet, supposed to fix Will Hodgman’s worsening health crisis,” Ms Lovell said.

    “After an embarrassing media event today, it’s clear that Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney have no idea what’s going on at the Royal.

    “What is very clear is that the Liberals think they can distract Tasmanians with this frankly embarrassing re-announcement from the savage cuts they are making across our hospitals and health system to try and bail themselves out of a budget crisis – including $50 million from the Royal Hobart Hospital, $50 million from the Launceston General Hospital, $5.7 million from Ambulance Tasmania, and 15% of elective surgeries.

    “Once again, the Liberals have failed Tasmanians in need of health care but even more concerning – our 9 to 5 Premier isn’t across any of the details.”

    Sarah Lovell MLC

    Shadow Health Minister