Increase in family incidents shows desperate need for perpetrators to reach out for support, says No to Violence

No to Violence, operator of the Men's Referral Service

No to Violence expresses a concern for the increase in family incidents in Victoria which has hit a record high, as Victorian Crime Statistic Agency reports an increase of 6.7% to 88,214 incidents.

No to Violence is Australia’s largest peak body for organisations that work directly with men who use violence, and operates the Men’s Referral Service which provides telephone counselling and referral to men who use violence.

Based on data collected by Victorian Police, the Crime Statistics Agency reports family related incidents increased 6.7% in the last 12 months to the highest on record, 88,214 incidents. The rate of family incidents recorded increased by 5.0% to 1,315.4 incidents per 100,000 population.

“This is 88,214 incidents where a person has been so terrified by an act of family violence that police have been called,” Jacqui Watt, Chief Executive Officer of No to Violence says.

“This is also 88,214 cases where perpetrators – mainly men – should have reached out for support. We are desperately calling on these people to stop before it gets to the point of using violence, give us a call, and sort yourself out. Help is available, and it can be better than this.”

“There is a slither of good news in this news today. With the changes in the way that Victoria Police are operating, and with increased awareness of family violence across our communities, it means more people using violence are now in view.

“The next step is addressing their violent and abusive behaviour, so they don’t do it again.”

No to Violence’s Men’s Referral Service has seen an increase in call rates since the prior to the commencement of the pandemic, starting with the catastrophic bushfire season.

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