Kazakh shooting spree: five more extremists killed by police

Kazakh police killed five extremists during an anti-terrorism operation in the town of Aktobe early Monday, Kazakhstan’s Interior Ministry said.

On Sunday, extremists attacked arms shops to get weapons before reportedly taking hostages near a military unit and attacking a local police department.

“Another five criminals were eliminated by police officers when resisting arrest and two more were detained,” the ministry’s press service said in a statement.

Earlier, the ministry said that four people had been killed by security forces in Aktobe after attacks on an arms shop and a military unit.

​A group of criminals attacked Pallada arms shop in Aktobe and killed a salesman and a security guard and injured three police officers. During the attack on Panther arms shop the criminals killed one customer and injured another one. The policemen, who arrived at the scene of events, killed three criminals and detained one.

According to the Interior Ministry, the attackers allegedly were radical followers of non-conventional religious movements.