Last-Minute Entry Wins QLD Man $20M Powerball

An Oxenford man is rejoicing over his last-minute choice to join tonight's Powerball, which resulted in him clinching not only the entire $20 million jackpot, but also a slightly higher total prize.

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The lucky Queenslander was the sole division one winner in the Powerball draw 1407, which took place on May 4, 2023.

Besides claiming the division one prize of $20,053,292.21, his System 8 PowerHit QuickPick entry also won division two 19 times, division three 7 times, and division four 133 times, bringing his total winnings to $20,495,362.76.

The winner was ecstatic when contacted after the draw, saying, "Wow! That is totally unbelievable!" He admitted that he initially thought the call was work-related and was thrilled to discover it wasn't a problem at all.

He shared that he doesn't play Powerball every week, but when the jackpot exceeds $20 million, he gets an entry, believing it to be a nice number. Now, he knows it's an even better number than he thought.

The winner revealed that he almost didn't buy a ticket because he left it late, but he's glad he went ahead with the purchase. His previous best win was $100, which he was very pleased with, but this win is on another level.

He still can't believe his luck and was preparing for bed when he received the life-changing call. When asked about how the $20 million might change his life, he said he'd like to retire earlier than planned and help his kids buy houses. The winner remains in disbelief, even when the money is deposited into his account, and hopes to wake up to find it's not a dream.

The winning System 8 PowerHit QuickPick entry was bought online at, the official platform for Australia's lotteries.

Keep in mind, winning the lottery involves a low probability and should always be played responsibly.