Love is blind when it comes to these popular dog breeds

This world veterinary day, Aussie vets are using this opportunity to express their concerns regarding the health and welfare of some of Australia’s most popular and loved dog breeds.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), in conjunction with RSPCA, has been running a joint campaign called Love is Blind, to raise awareness of these health issues.
AVA President, Dr Paula Parker, said veterinarians support and enhance animal welfare in every aspect of their professional lives.

“Some of our most popular breeds, including French Bulldogs, Pugs and British Bulldogs, are suffering serious health issues because they’ve been bred to look a certain way. These flat-faced dogs suffer from a range of health challenges including chronic respiratory disease, skins infections, eye problems, spinal disease and an inability to give birth naturally,” she said.

This trend is something that vets around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about.
“Unfortunately, as vets, we tend to see these dogs at a point of crisis. Working in an emergency practice it’s not uncommon for me to see an ICU full of brachycephalic dogs that need urgent medical attention because they can’t breathe – particularly in the warmer months.

“This problem is not isolated to Australia, the rise of ownership of dogs that have been bred with flat-faced features occurs in other parts of the world including in the UK and Sweden,” Dr Parker said.

Through its Love is Blind campaign, the AVA and RSPCA are hoping to encourage the community to work together to address these welfare concerns in affected breeds so that breed standards will change to promote the health and welfare of these dogs, over the way they look. /Media Release