Melbourne to host Asia Pacific conference for internal auditors

Melbourne: May 20, 2018: The Institute of Internal Auditors will host the 2018 South Pacific and Asia Conference (SOPAC) bringing together around 600 leading practitioners from the internal audit profession to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 20 till May 23.
Internal auditors from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, PNG, Solomon Islands, Tonga and New Zealand will attend the four day event.
IIA-Australia CEO Mr. Peter Jones said it was timely the conference is being held in Melbourne as many issues relating to internal auditors are being raised at the Financial Services and Banking Royal Commission.
“The IIA-Australia is very concerned at some of the practices of Boards and senior management, and their failure to act upon internal audit reports highlighting problems, which have been aired at the Royal Commission hearings,” he said.
Around 60 speakers, panel members and presenters will address key issues facing internal auditors led by Global leader and negotiator Andrew Macleod, who will deliver the keynote address at 9 am on Monday, May 21.
Mr. Macleod is a Visiting Professor at Kings College London, an Affiliate Senior Associate to the Centre for Strategic International Studies in Washington DC, a Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow at Deakin University, and a visiting Senior Lecturer to the University of Tasmania Law School. He will discuss risks and opportunities for Australia amidst international tensions, and future economic trends, and their impact on the economy.
He says with China being the dominant global and economic superpower into the future, and with Beijing and Perth being in the same time zone, and with the ideal cultural mix, we should take advantage of this great change.
“Australia, with 28% born overseas, and 49% having at least one parent born overseas, with the largest immigrant groups now being India and China, Australia will have within it the mix of cultures and backgrounds to be the ideal hinge through which the shift from European and American dominance to Asia dominance”.
“But we need to want to be the hinge and we need to establish our credentials as a trusted multicultural partner” he says.
Michael McQueen, a Sydney-based award-winning speaker, business strategist and trend forecaster, speaking at SOPAC on Wednesday, May 23 at 9 am, says the world is changing rapidly, and the next decade would see unprecedented change both in Australia and around the globe.
In his latest book, How to Prepare Now for What’s Next, Mr. McQueen reveals a roundup of products, services and industries that are on the brink of extinction — and how Aussies can “futureproof” their lives.
With the Financial and Banking Royal Commission as a backdrop, Ms Elizabeth Johnstone, the new Chair of the ASX Corporate Governance Council, will discuss ‘Why organisational culture matters’, and the responsibilities of executive management and boards to create effective governance structures.
Other speakers include PwC partner Andrew Gordon who will conduct a “Game of Threats” – a digital game that simulates the speed and complexity of cyber breaches, and Rob Hansen, Senior Research Consultant, from Data61 CSIRO, who will discuss ‘unlocking the secrets of Blockchain’ based on the publication ‘Distributed Ledgers – Scenarios for the Australian Economy over the coming decades’. In addition, Professor Peter Nikoletatos from Optus will discuss the growth of Cyberisk, and how the issue is being elevated to board level and is no longer just an IT problem.
Mike Peppers, the global chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors, will discuss issues around intellectual property and trademarks. Jonathan Tanner, Program director at NAB, will discuss the role of internal audit in the robotics governance process.
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