My story: Plain Clothes Senior Constable Christopher Cronin, Mount Isa Criminal Investigation Branch

As kids we play the game “cops and robbers”, but very few people get to live the game in reality.

For Plain Clothes Senior Constable (PCSC) Christopher Cronin from the Mount Isa Criminal Investigation Branch, that’s exactly what he does.

“I joined the police in 2010 as a general duties police officer. It took me three years to get a position as an investigator in the Criminal Investigation Branch.”

“It’s something that took a lot of work and I dedicated a lot of hours to. It wasn’t just something that fell into my lap.”

Positioned in Mount Isa, which is a part of the Northern Region, PCSC Cronin is passionate about improving crime rates for the local community.

“One of the things that I look forward to in Mount Isa is obviously helping people.

“An important part of my role is removing narcotics and illicit substances off the street.

“Seizing and removing even the smallest amount of drugs can in turn have a massive positive impact in the community.”

Previously from Brisbane, PCSC Cronin definitely did not think Mount Isa would be a town of hustle and bustle.

“Mount Isa is one of the busiest, most exciting places I’ve ever worked. I thought Brisbane was busy and I was completely wrong.”

“The opportunities that are available to me here in Mount Isa have been fantastic. You make friends for life out here. You really gel as a family.”

Police in the Criminal Investigation Branch rely heavily on the public for clues and information relating to a case. It is important for both police and communities to have a trustful relationship.

“As far as I’ve experienced, the communities are willing to work with us and it’s very rewarding when at the end of the day you’re able to help them with an issue.”

PCSC Cronin admits it can be hard being away from family, particularly when there is a big job on.

“It can be difficult being away from your family and getting back to them can be testing, especially if there’s a lot of things going on in the community, they become first and your family becomes second.”

There are a lot of benefits though, admits PCSC Cronin.

“The benefits are you have the rural incentive payment. You can accrue personal days off and are able to take extra leave.”

“Because Mount Isa District covers at least 23 per cent of Queensland, sometimes you go to work by plane or by boat which is something that’s very unique to the Northern Region.

“Joining the Queensland Police Service would provide somebody with the opportunity of a life time to experience various parts of Queensland that not very many people would get to go to.

“Those opportunities don’t just come freely. They need to be worked for and my advice to anyone would be to just put your head down and keep working for it until you get it.”

This is Christopher’s story. What’s yours?

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This is Christopher’s story, what’s yours?

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