North Korea’s Kim Jong-un could drive at 3 and raced yacht at 9

North Korean TV showed Kim Jong-un at the controls of AN-148 aircraft

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was able to drive when he was just 3 years old and won a yacht race at the age of nine, according to the new North Korean school curriculum.

The book, called Leader Kim Jong-un’s Revolutionary Merits, has been distributed to middle and high schools for study during the 2015 school year, South Korean YTN TV reported.

Foreign media usually get information about North Korea via South Korean news networks as Pyongyang has severe restrictions on foreign journalists’ activities.

“When he was just 9, Kim Jong-un raced the top manager of a foreign yacht company, who was visiting North Korea at the time,” South Korean Chosun network cited the textbook as claiming.  He won the race against the experienced racer “despite the odds”, the textbook reads.

Well, let alone ‘yacht racing’, it is not clear how schoolteachers will tell pupils that the maverick leader Kim Jong-un learned driving at 3 although the minimum legal age is 18.

Previously , North Korean media showed Kim Jong-un at the controls of a fighter jet.