OnlyFans Model makes $38k Per Month By Humiliating Men

Audrey Aura
Audrey Aura is a top 0.4% Plus Size Creator on the OnlyFans website, and she indulges in a lot of niche kinks and fetishes, including Female Domination.
Aura started her OnlyFans account in March of 2020 but began marketing herself as a ‘kinky submissive’ in the beginning of her career, “I thought that was what people wanted from me. I saw a lot of others marketing themselves this way and I just assumed that was what I needed to do as well, because often that’s the narrative we’re taught; men are the dominate creatures.” Aura states.
Merely a few weeks into her new career, Aura began to receive multiple requests to dominate her subscribers and decided to give it a go. Although Aura is not solely a Female Dominatrix, also indulging in other kinks and fetishes, she does find that she is stepping into that role on a daily basis as more subscribers are requesting that content from her. Aura comments, “I seemed to attract submissive subscribers through my social media accounts unintentionally, but I accepted the requests I was getting and I found I actually really enjoyed being the one in charge, telling them what to do. It was an interesting shift in how I saw my role as an OnlyFans creator.”
When asked about the kinds of services and requests that Aura receives, the OnlyFans Model states, “My favourite thing to do, and also my most requested, are penis ratings. People are always shocked when I tell them just how popular these are, and even more shocked when I explain that my submissive fans often want to be humiliated for their penis. They actually request this from me regularly, and I accept this with excitement.” Aura continues, “It surprised me at first, because lots of men I know in real life are quite insecure about their penises. So to have someone ask me to tell them that it’s inadequate and literally compare it to a little toe, really surprised me. Now it’s second nature and I don’t bat an eye at this request.”
Aura is often at the brunt of online hate, and is often told by strangers on the internet that she is taking advantage of men, their money, and their kinks. The OnlyFans Model comments, “I don’t think what I am doing is wrong, no. Both parties involved are consenting adults, and I will never dominate or humiliate someone if it’s unsolicited. There is always a discussion before hand, on what the person is looking for and whether I believe I can provide that for them. I think men are often scared to voice their interests with their dating partners, with the fear of being rejected or made fun of, and so it’s natural to seek out that validation elsewhere; that’s where I come in.”
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