Police asked to probe Berejiklian docs shredding: NSW Labor

NSW Labor announced it has asked the Information and Privacy Commission and the Police Commissioner to launch an investigation into the shredding of documents detailing $252 million in grants allocated to councils prior to last year’s state election.

The fresh push comes after former NSW auditor-general Tony Harris said shredding documents was likely unlawful.

“The role that the Premier’s office had in the shredding of documents is good reason for her departure, she should resign,” News quoted Tony Harris as saying.

“When you package everything up together, it’s time for her to go”, he said.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian brushed off the new calls to resign, insisting her department did not breach any laws.

“With all due respect Mr Harris hasn’t been auditor-general for more than 30 years,” the Premier told the Today show.

“The best advice I received is laws have been adhered to and that’s how we will continue to do things in NSW,” she added.

Sarah Lau, one Ms Berejiklian’s senior policy officers, told a NSW parliamentary inquiry last week that documents were shredded and electronic copies deleted.

Six grants were awarded to projects in the electorate of Wagga Wagga in 2017 when the Premier was in a relationship with Mr Maguire, the then Wagga Wagga MP.