QIRC appointments show a government that’s out of touch

The Palaszczuk government’s latest appointments to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission will cost taxpayers more than $1.4 million a year (before support costs) and are evidence of a government that is out of touch with workers in this state.

CFMEU state secretary Michael Ravbar said the new appointments were of dubious value, especially in an environment where the state government is trying to rein in public sector spending growth, and following the 2017 Tim Lyons review which suggested current commissioners were struggling to fully utilise their time.
“What we have here is a decision that commits taxpayers to funding millions in extra salaries over the coming years for a series of appointments that basically reward friends of the government who have demonstrated themselves to be compliant and reluctant to challenge authority.”
“These appointments reflect an appalling lack of judgment on the part of the Palaszczuk government – a government which when it comes to the interests of workers is looking increasingly remote and intolerant of criticism.”
“For the first time in years the QIRC will have scant representation from blue collar and trade workers in Queensland – exactly the sort of workers Ms Palaszczuk and her Ministers love to pose with in high-vis and a hard hat at every available photo opportunity.”
“As an independent industrial body the QIRC needs strong voices that put the interests of workers well ahead of the political sensitivities of William Street, and this is not the case here,” Mr Ravbar said.
“Spending another $1.4 million a year on plum jobs for mates is not going to advance the interests of Queensland workers one inch.”
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