Rugby player loses trousers during epic night out and turns to internet for help finding them

Andy Gaudé put his pride to one side when he asked people to help him track down his missing trousers

A man who lost his trousers on a boozy night out away from home took the unusual step of asking the INTERNET to help him find them.

Risking humiliation, Andy Gaudé went online when his chinos – including wallet and phone – went AWOL after he tied one on in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Ottawa native, who plays rugby with the city’s Bytown Blues, explained that he had been out for the night to celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday.

But despite the sedate nature of such a social engagement, he told Redditors that he was in need of some help from locals.

Put online on Monday, the original post read : “I lost my pants Friday night.

“They’re charcoal Calvin Klein chinos . Inside my pants are my wallet and cell phone.

“I was staying at the Marriott harbour front, I blacked out and don’t know where I would have taken my pants off.

“Had security check the tapes at the hotel and I indeed was pants less when I arrived back. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.”

Mr Gaudé was filling in the details for good-natured helpers online to try and trace his errant trews.

Revealing that he had been out drinking with cousins he hadn’t seen for a while, he was left in just his underwear, Calvin Kleins: “Briefs are the essence of my loom. And they were hot pink too.

“So imagine a 30 year old gallivanting around town in pink undies, pretty easy to point out.”

Trying to piece together events, he added that he blamed his genes for the to-do: “We can’t handle our booze very well apparently, I haven’t been that drunk since university days.”

He later added: “Like anyone else, I take my pants off one leg at time. But unlike everyone else I do it near the Marriott harbourfront.

“Please if you have any information about the whereabouts of my beloved chinos please contact me. It’s not right for those pants to have to lay unattended in a cold damp place, they’re meant to be on me.”

After almost 80 comments, a post on Tuesday evening brought the news Mr Gaudé – and everyone else – was hoping for: “We have found the pants and they are at the hotel with your wallet and cellphone.”

They were reportedly found on the city’s Lower Water Street.

In the face of becoming happily reunited, the trouser-owner added: “It was indeed night to remember.”

(Source: Mirror)