Supporting Jobs and Protecting Our Environment: Regulatory Update on McArthur River Mine

TheNorthern Territory Government has approved limited civil and construction worksfor the re-commissioning of Tailings Storage Facility Cell 1 at McArthur RiverMine.

Theassessment of these works was undertaken by an Independent Technical ReviewBoard established as a condition of the current authorisation. It was alsoassessed by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources for its compliancewith the Mining Management Act.

Theworks also require sign-off from an independent certifying engineer to assessthe design and construction of works, and will be subject to the ongoing roleof the Independent Monitor with oversight of all operations. Further approvalsare required before the re-commissioned Tailings Storage Facility Cell 1 canbecome operational again.

The approval takes into account the NT Environment ProtectionAuthority Assessment Report on the MRM Overburden Management Project and acondition of the authorisation is that the mine site is to be developed andoperated in accordance with relevant legislation, such as the EnvironmentProtection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth).

TheDepartment of Primary Industry and Resources is preparing for theimplementation in future approvals of the recommendations from the NTEnvironment Protection Authority Assessment Report.

As stated by Minister for Primary Industry and Resources,Paul Kirby:

OurGovernment is supporting jobs and protecting our environment.

AsMinister, I am focused on ensuring that the McArthur River Mine is regulated ina sustainable and responsible manner to maximise economic benefits and minimiseenvironmental impacts.

Thislimited amendment to the mine management plan authorises civil and constructionworks for the re-commissioning of Tailings Storage Facility Cell 1.

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