That epic moment of Obama and Erdogan at G20 summit

Photo: Berk Özkan, Anadolu Agency

The picture of U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the G20 summit in Turkey has gone viral, becoming a source of great amusement.

The moment caught by Anadolu Agency’s Berk Özkan swept through social media with a wide range of captions and comments.

The quote from Synecdoche, New York (2008) (modified) came to my mind for a caption:

“Trust me. When it comes to the Middle East,” “everything is more complicated than you think. You only see a tenth of what is true. There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make… And you only get one chance to play it out…. And the truth is I feel so angry, and the truth is I feel so f…ing sad, and the truth is I’ve felt so hurt for so f…ing long and for just as long I’ve been pretending I’m OK, just to get along, just for, I don’t know why, maybe because no one wants to hear about” what is going here. We meet, discuss, smile today but nothing changes tomorrow.