The everyday household tasks a shocking number of 22-year-olds CANNOT do

Research has shown that an alarming number of our young adults have no idea how to working a washing machine, change a fuse or make a roast dinner

They may be tech-savvy gadget geeks but Britain’s 22-year-olds are dunces when it comes to basic skills like cooking, research has claimed.

For one in three have no idea how to rustle up a roast chicken dinner.

And one in five would be hung out to dry if put in charge of a washing machine , a study has revealed.

While the Netflix generation prefer streaming services to watch films and hit shows to the telly, one in five are clueless over how to buy a TV licence.

Man on knees, looking in washing machine
One in five don’t know how to work a washing machine

Research by flatsharing website found the average age of flying the nest is 22 but one in five of this age group are unable to change a fuse.

Worryingly two in ten are baffled by the dishwasher or how to clean the oven.

More than one in ten don’t know how to change a bag on a vacuum cleaner, turn the radiators on and off or how to register to vote.

Woman changing a fuse
Another one in five 22-year-olds are unable to change a fuse

Typically, they are more likely to turn to the internet for help with one in three admitting they would “Google it” and one in five would log on to YouTube for advice.

Less than half learn everyday skills from watching their parents with one in four revealing they were more likely to pick up tips from a housemate.

(Source: Mirror)